11th August 1961

August 11th 1961



Sorry that I haven’t written for some time but have been kept extremely busy what with one thing or another.

Our touring the island trip over the weekend went off marvellously. I think that I will always remember those few days.

On the first day we went up to the Troodos Mountains stopping at a village called Platres.  It is a charming place, set in excellent surroundings. A place where visitors to Cyprus always head.  We had a few drinks and a walk around noting the cool mountain streams that seemed to rush from the pine covered mountains above, down through the village on for an unknown destination.  The effect of such a spot seems to bestow peace on oneself.

After this we went to Kyrenia about fifty miles from Troodos.  En route we had lunch at a restaurant which was set half way down the mountain amongst some splendid scenery.  The meal was first class, as was the wine.

We arrived at Kyrenia about twoish.  They have a quaint old castle by the harbour, which we duly inspected.  I did take one or two photographs of the harbour from the battlements but – and it is a big but – my camera sprang open soon after this so it looks like I’ve ruined some pretty fair snaps.  Anyway, the castle was well worth visiting.

By the time we had finished traipsing around we were sweating so we went swimming in a small lagoon just outside of town.  The water this day was very warm and this is quite understandable when I tell you the temperature was well over the 100 mark.

From here we went on to Nocosia for the night life.  We had a fair old time in the Texas Square vicinity, cabarets and night-clubs etc.  I think it enough to say we had a good time at Nicosia.

On the Sunday we stayed in Nicosia until about noon before departing for Famagusta.  It is my opinion that this is the best place on the island. The beaches are long stretches of golden sands with deep blue water for swimming.  The town itself is well laid out. They have what is called the old town which is a walled city. This part of Famagusta isn’t the town’s brightest spot but it is charming in a sense.

The new part of the town has many hotels spread out along the coast.  The ‘Piccadilly’ of the place is really beautiful. They have water fountains with many coloured lights cutting through the water giving a pleasing effect.  To describe the scene in full would be a waste of good talking material but it was great.

That night we decided to sleep on the beach.  We had tents with us, you see. We drove to the outskirts of town and found a quite deserted stretch of beach and pitched camp.  It was about 2 am by then but before turning in for the night I couldn’t resist going for a moonlight swim. You ought to have been there darling, there was hardly a ripple on this warm clear sea.  I couldn’t hear a thing apart from the gentle lapping of the waves against the beach and added to this the sky was full of stars. Plus all this I had the pleasure of seeing the coloured lights of town shining across the sea.  It was great and need I say, beautiful.

We slept in the tent until about 6am when the mates became restless.  Naturally I wasn’t allowed to rest because they were up. We fooled around in the sea until about noon when we decided to head back.

This we did, stopping here and there en route to admire the scenery.            All -in-all it was a wonderful time we had. Of course, I could carry on a bit longer about various parts of the trail but I have to finish this letter tonight sometime because the friends of yours truly insist on painting the town red during my last week on this island.

I’m glad to say my last few days have been well arranged and if I received all the drinks promised, this Alan is going to be very sick.  On top of this I haven’t packed my kit yet, which should waste away a few more hours.

Will close now darling and dream about seeing you in about 9 or10 days time.

                                                All my love



Letters from Alan Week 31: 6th - 11th August 1961

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