2nd August 1961

August 2nd 1961


Hello darling,

It’s me again with even less days to the great day.  Received another masterpiece from you this morning.  It certainly put me in a fine mood.  xx

Went swimming this afternoon down by the rocks.  It was pretty rough there but being a brave, dashing (lying) fool I ventured in.  I’ve got courage I haven’t even used yet.  By the way, perhaps you ought to widen the door at your house – my head, you know, big, very big!

Played snooker at the NAAFI tonight.  I was playing very badly until I had a couple of drinks.  In the last five minutes I potted the remaining dozen balls with deadly accuracy to leave my friend almost in a daze.  It was pure luck of course.  I’m lousy at the game but you could almost say lucky.

Immediately after I had returned I started this letter to you.  Well, guess that’s all the ‘news’ for now.  You can tell I’ve had a pint, can’t you?  Pause while I wrack my brain for a wave – brainwave??  This letter is perfectly languid so far; if it doesn’t improve then in the basket it goes.

Very glad the party is on darling.  It will help me to settle down amongst the cream of society in a most welcome manner.  It’s certainly something to look forward to anyway, because you will be there.  xx

Thursday:  Gave up last night.  Guess the trouble is I’m beginning to get excited just lately.  Perhaps this explains why I cannot concentrate at work these past few days.

It’s been quite cold today, only 92 degrees in the shade.  Lucky I still have my great-coat.

Stand by for a funny:  today at work I said to this married chap, ‘ does your wife like it in Scotland?’  to which he replied, ‘she likes it anywhere.’  In that sort of voice.  Oh well, it amused me anyway.

This same chap leaves the island on the same flight as myself.  He reckons that muggins here will supply him and his wife with booze on the way home.  He must be mad to even think such a thing.




Tomorrow night am going to see ‘Carry on Regardless.’ at the camp cinema.  It should be good for a laugh, I hope.

Saturday morning four of us are going touring the island.  We have hired a Fiat1100 for the holiday.  Bearing this in mind I doubt whether Miss Brown will receive her usual letter although you can expect a couple of postcards with no naughty messages written on them.

I expect you will be pretty busy from now on so I shall not expect you to write these very long letters so often.

This is terrible you know Maureen I have so much to tell you but somehow they just don’t seem to come out on paper.  Maybe it’s the thought of being back in smoky East Ham again in a couple of weeks time.  I love you.  xx

Oh well, better close now before you think I’m going mad.


All my love


Letters from Alan Week 30: 30th July - 2nd August 1961

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