28th July 1961

July 28th 1961


Hello darling,

Only another twenty-three days before this frustrated airman is let loose on English soil again. I don’t suppose I need to tell you that your buddy is very excited about seeing you again even more so after receiving your latest charming letter.

As usual haven’t a great deal to write about apart from the weekly cricket match and other kinda boring and unappreciated subjects.  However, stiff upper lip and press on Blake.

First of all, I must brag, seeing that it is in my nature to do so.  We played and lost by one wicket a pretty exciting and interesting game of cricket Thursday.  We batted first and managed to score 97.  Yours truly and my honourable friend Pete scoring a fair whack between us.  Pete scored his best innings of the season and Alan captured the runs necessary to pass his hundred for the season.  This pleased me because, you may or may not have gathered this civilian is pretty keen on the sport.  Had a spell of bowling and in my first over had two of them out.  Finished with 2 for 9 runs if that means anything to you.

Last night went to an open-air cinema in Limassol.  Four of us went down to see ‘Carry on Teacher.’ Another of those carry on type funnies.  Was rather disappointed in it.  Perhaps I just expected it to be much better than it actually was.  The only fault I found in this otherwise perfect cinema was the seats which were rather too hard for perfect comfort.

This character Michael won’t bother you again once I’m back there…….

Over the August Grant am going touring the island in a hired car with a few mates.  Am looking forward to this a great deal. It might mean that this guy will taste just about every Cypriot wine available.  Not that I’m a boozer or anything but it is an idea.

Well darling, will close for tonight because believe it or not am going swimming, just for a change.

Goodnight my darling,

I love you


Letters from Alan Week 29: 24th - 28th July 1961

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