10th July 1961

July 10th 1961


(re 3rd July letter)

Hello again,

Maureen thanks a lot for your most informative, interesting and extremely pleasing letter.  It has had me wishing twice as hard that the next forty-five days would soon be just a memory of the past.  I must congratulate you on being amazingly frank and to the point at all times – you are quite a girl in my book.

Not a great deal has happened at this past week, that is, out of the usual.  Have been swimming a great deal recently.  The sea is really warm and really great. Once I’m in the water I don’t want to leave it.

Played cricket on Thursday and we lost again. Scored seven measly runs all by my little self which didn’t please me much.  My scores keep going down lately however my total now stands at seventy-two, just twenty-eight short of my target before the mob and myself part company.  The last match was perhaps unusual in a sense because Alan had a bowl (with a ball) but instead of knocking their wickets down the batsman knocked my bowling all over the pitch.  Believe me it doesn’t give one heart, does it (just gives them runs).  Enough about cricket otherwise you’ll be bored stiff.

Just finished reading a pretty good book called ‘Three Just Men’ by Edgar Wallace.  It was first printed in 1924 and I believe the story has been filmed.  The story is very well written.

Now, back to your letter and your recent disturbing experiences.  Michael’s ‘plausible’ answers are to me almost funny.  He says I just want someone to write to, me of all people.  I detest writing letters as you know but I have made the effort nevertheless because you mean so much to me.

Me having trouble finding another girl, he says. If Michael is interested then I’ll find him a nice girl who hasn’t a fiancé or a young man overseas.  Ring to flash around.  If that was your intention you could quite easily have had him hooked for the necessary flasher.  If Michael’s heart is broken then I’m very sorry for him because I had the same experience a couple of months ago.  It was he who turned you from me then but this ‘ere man of yours didn’t go around tearing Michael’s character to shreds and behaving like a child who has lost its lollipop.




The way I love you Maureen is simply this, you are the most precious thing in the world to me and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.  Even sacrifice my claims on you if it were to make you happy.  This is no ‘story’ and if you refer back to that letter you received in reply to that ‘Dear John’ of months past then you will know that this is the truth.  Sorry if you think me unkind in my comments darling but they are my feelings to the facts received.

I didn’t want to broach this subject right now because it’s not a very wise thing to do under the circumstances.  Perhaps I am not a wise man for doing so.

Really must close now darling as it is pretty late.  Am looking forward to seeing you soon.

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 27: 10th - 14th July 1961

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