19th March 1961

March 19th 1961



Am writing this on a quite Sunday morning in dear old Akrotiri.  The fact that it is quiet is due to the ‘Sunday Morning Lie-in For Airman Association’ which has a membership of some two thousand airman every Sunday until about noon.  Only trouble is, your Alan hasn’t a clue what to write about so, like always I’ll press on regardless.  Think you must agree this is a very original way to start a letter, but why worry, it’s Sunday.

This last week has really flown by.  Maybe because I’ve been busy what with one thing and another.  Did receive quite a few letters from various brothers, sisters and mates so every night my pen was working non-stop.  Last night I wrote three letters.  Must be improving at this game because before Christmas it would take me years to write two pages. It’s hard to believe that I sometimes reach 10 pages in writing to you.  Must be love or something.

Now, let me see what I can remember about the past week…..ah, yes!  My mad game of football on Friday should be good for a least three lines.  We played the RAF Regiment on the Station pitch.  They are one of the best sides at Akrotiri, very strong and fast and good ball players.  Friday was a bit too hot for playing really but a match is a match and one just can’t turn around and say ‘rather too warm for football old man!  Can one?

Anyway, they went into a one goal lead by half-time and they deserved it.  I did have a chance to score at one time in the half but muffed it.  This was when I ran onto a through ball and hit for the far corner but the goalie got to it and that was that.  We drew two each in the end.  At the finish I was just dead shattered.  When I returned to billet all I felt like doing was lying on my pit (bed).  Never been so shattered since one day in February last year.  My mate revived me with a glass of Drambuie, marvellous stuff.  It gives me great power or so it seems.  You can have your port and lemon with two gins and I’ll have half a bottle of Drambuie at my front room sometime in September.  Just imagine the result now…….

Since writing that last sentence I have been interrupted, played whist and been to lunch.  Wish I hadn’t played cards now because things didn’t go my way and it resulted in losing every game.  Still, can’t expect to win every time, not unless I learn to cheat better anyway.

Went to collect the mail today expecting to receive a letter from Miss Brown but it wasn’t to be because there wasn’t any mail at all for anybody.  The lads at the Post Office say that it is being held up somewhere en route.  So now I am hoping that Monday comes a little quicker.


Seems to be quite a storm brewing up right now.  The dark clouds are coming over fast as well, so don’t think I’ll bother to wander very far tonight.  When it rains it really comes down, just like the monsoon season in India.  Have just seen the lightning flashing across the sky, so we are in for it alright.

The Adj and I had a difference of opinion last Thursday.  He tried to be clever in his own silly way but he didn’t reckon on my giving the answer I did.  For a moment he lost his stiff upper lip composure and was plainly embarrassed.  Then he told me to get my hair cut and walked out.  The most surprising thing is, he has been very polite and almost human since that incident.  More than once I have been told that A.D.Blake has an answer for everything, so let this be a warning.  I haven’t lost an argument since July 4th 1956.  Once we are married don’t suppose I’ll ever win another argument – do you?

Have been day dreaming about my favouring person and an old poem springs to mind.  It goes like this:-

I do believe that God above

Created you for me to love

He picked you out from all the rest

Because he knew I will love you best.


How about that then.  Every word is telling you that A.D.Blake loves Maureen Brown.  Darling, I can’t wait to see you again.  Time drags sometimes but I guess it only seems that way to us

Will close now my darling. Please look after yourself and remember, you are the tops.

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 11: 15th - 19th March 1961

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