25th June 1961

June 25th 1961


Darling Maureen,

This the great egg eater reporting from a little ol’ island at the end of the Med on the left hand side.  How are you my pet, looking forward to your holiday I bet (poetry!)

The past week has been pretty fair in many ways.  First and most important was a charming ‘little’ letter plus some very attractive photographs from a certain young lady from Dagenham.

Played cricket Thursday against Tech ‘A’.  We batted after they scored 114 all out, however we only managed to score 93 runs in reply so we lost.  Your Alan scored his best innings of the season by hitting 33 runs.  I was very pleased with myself after the match though it was a pity we lost.  When I was out our score was 71 for 4 but then everybody was out very cheaply.  We have another match next Monday.

Also this week I lost badly at tennis. I was trashed all around the court.  Have played squash about four times since last Sunday.  Glad to say I’ve improved a lot with this game, only losing now and again.

Other afternoons this week ie Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday I’ve been swimming down at Fishermans Cove and it’s been just great.  On Saturday about a dozen of us went in for a Swimming Proficency Certificate, this entails swimming 50 yards at breast stroke, 50 yards back stroke and 50 yards free style.  Just about everybody passed quite easily as was expected.  After doing that we all had some crazy fun.  Blokes were being thrown high into the air so they made a good splash.  Some of them resisted at first, poor fools.  They ran full pelt of the landing stage into the sea and all kinds of stupid enjoyable things.

As you may gather I haven’t had or made time for writing letters darling and I hope you will forgive me for being thoughtless.  Time is passing very quickly now, as it should.  I keep myself pretty busy so that the time doesn’t drag and I think that is the best idea.

Today I haven’t a hope in hell of reaching 20 pages but I have decided to write a couple of pages each day so that my letters are a respectable length.  Darling, I wish you were a bit nearer, say a couple of thousand miles because this ‘ere buddy of yours is feeling lonely and passionate right now.  Let’s face it, I’ve been feeling like this since January 10th.

You asked about my watch which was shattered by a cricket ball.  Well, it wasn’t the one I bought in Gibraltar.  That watch is at home because just before I left the winder broke so I left it.  This other watch was bought over here and was going well before that ball knocked the winder off.  Me and winders don’t get on very well together.

Since putting down my pen last quite a bit has happened.  Some of us lads went swimming over the rocks.  The water was pretty warm and we had a fair old mess around in the sea.  The only trouble was struggling back to the billet after all that exertion.

After arriving back in the billet around five I was called upon in my capacity of Duty Clerk.  One of our sergeants had the chance of an Indulgence Flight by Comet at 6.30 am tomorrow and wanted the necessary paper work in order to make the journey.  I had to open up the Squadron to find his leave pass, plus various forms had to be completed and signed by the Duty Officer.  Am glad to say everything has now been completed.  The sergeant has thanked me and wished me all the best because he won’t be seeing Al Blake again.  He is going home to his wife for 57 days.  The poor beggar still has to come back to finish his tour.  Tough.

Well, my beautiful sweetheart, your second half is away up the NAAFI for a quick pint.  I’m thirsty my darling but I love you best of all.

All my love


Letters from Alan Week 25: 25th - 30th June 1961

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