7th April 1961

April 7th 1961



Have many pages to fill but nothing to fill them because not much happens here.  No dancing because there aren’t many females in these ‘ere parts.  Still we have a fair ol’ time now and again.  Just as well really because that’s when the time really flies.

The news this week was the arrival of the Sabres of the Turkish Air Force.  Two squadrons flew in earlier this week.  They look ok but their formation flying was very ragged.  Must remember to drop a line to the Turkish Air Marshall about it.

Work has been very slack and subsequently boring, day-in day-out.  Have been reading Tortilla Flat by Steinbeck, in between many slack periods.  The book is placed inside a file cover in case of any prowling officers.  All I have to do is close it sharpish if they approach.  Talking about work (my favourite subject) we had a letter from Station HQ stating that with effect from that day our Squadron would detail airmen for Station Fire Project.  This could mean all the lads including yours truly, being given the honourable duty of patrolling the Station at all hours of the night to ensure there were no fires burning down the station.  This duty would come around once every four months and would mean walking around the camp all night and then going straight on to work.  After weighing up this situation and bearing everything in mind, I destroyed the letter before anyone else had a chance to lay eyes on it.  That was last week and since no further correspondence has arisen, I guess the station has accepted the fact that the C.O. has refused to answer their letter on principle.  Hope so anyway.  Even if they do press the matter I’ll swear blind I haven’t seen the original letter.  By the time they did this my demob will be almost due so why worry. Reckon if the lads know about it they would thank me for my efforts but this boyo isn’t saying a word to anybody, not even me old mate Paddy.

Well, to continue before you yawn again.  It has always been my custom to have as many friends as possible on a RAF Station because you never know when you need them for one.  And two, because they can be most helpful especially when they hold important positions of interest.  My latest ‘friend’ has a most important position after working hours.  His job is to tear tickets in half in the camp cinema.  Every time I go to the pictures now, all I have to do is walk up to him, have a few words and in I go for nix.  Now and again I shall reimburse him for his cooperation.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying life lately.  Let’s face it, you have fans everywhere because you’re gay, charming and attractive.  (never stops, does he?)

You really must excuse this short letter Maureen.  Don’t know why but you must.  Thing is, it is pretty late now and it’s jolly old work in the morning.

All my love darling, I miss you as much as I always did.  You’re just great in every way.  Honest as well.

All my love



Plus a hug, of course.

Letters from Alan Week 14: 1st - 9th April 1961

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