13th April 1961

April 13th 1961



Have just got myself a jug of Ovaltine and will now try to write 20 pages or so. (says I with tongue in cheek).  It’s gonna be awkward because this boyo hasn’t a clue what to write about.  I suppose you must have gathered that by now.  I do try to write as many pages as possible about nothing in particular.  Reckon it must be good training in case the Daily Mirror require my services as their editor or something.  Before I go rambling on and on I would like to say that this guy of yours has only three clear months to do before he is set loose again.  When you come to think of it, three months isn’t much time at all really.  Just like Paddy says, I’ll be home before I know it.  Charming thought, isn’t it?  Roll on Christmas.

Not much happened at work recently except I reported the fact that a Secret letter had arrived without the necessary security precautions.  This letter had arrived in an ordinary envelope through ordinary channels.  Normally I wouldn’t have taken such action but this particular letter was from the Security Section, dressing down other sections and units for the lack of internal security.  How about that then! I didn’t know whether to laugh or be annoyed at their stupidity and cheek.  The matter was taken up with the Station Adjutant who will probably ‘dress down’ the Security Section for their lack of Security!  No dear, the air force isn’t completely mad but it does try now and again.

Sorry to say this ‘ere laddie will be on parade this coming Saturday.  The Discipline Sergeant came to the office to inform us all of the ‘good news’.  Before he could say a word about it and acting on what I had just heard at Station HQ I immediately volunteered for said parade saying that the fact that my leg was playing up shouldn’t stop me.  For a minute he was going to strike me off the list but I grinned which rather upset everything.

To change the subject quickly I gave him a history question ie ‘is it true that William of Orange married Nell Gwynne?’ The Sgt is quite a decent chap really.  Some of the chaps don’t like him but I reckon he is pretty fair.  The answer he gave to my question was ‘No, it was Robert Peel she married.’  My, my just wait until William the Conquer hears about that.

Friday 14th  April in the year 1961, scene Cyprus.  Alan D. Blake has big ideas about finishing this masterpiece of a letter.  Gave up last night because of too many interruptions by so-called buddies who don’t remain in that category when they keep talking to me. Tonight I have been pressing my uniform in readiness for said parade in the morning. – very exciting, I don’t think.

Played football again this afternoon even though it was getting pretty hot.  Us British can stand the heat you know – well, let’s say most of them.  You can be sure that by August I’ll be fighting fit and ready for anything.  In the next week or so I shall probably start my swimming activities again.  Last year we used to go swimming nearly every day.  I had a marvellous sun-tan in them there days.  The other days I would either go down town or play cricket.  I had quite a busy life when I look back on it.

Seeing that I have such a short time to do I have decided to hand over my representative duties to the various people who have shown an interest in the respective duties.  The lad taking over the Messing seems to be a good lad with ideas plus the courage of his convictions.  Have been ‘knocking around’ with him these past few days mainly because friend Paddy has been temporary attached to our Troodos Detachment.

You were interested to know what the initials C.S.E. stands for.  Well, Combined Services Entertainment is its fully fledged title.  By the way, we have another show next Friday.  The stars this time are Reg Dixon and the Barry Sisters.  Think I’ll go and see them after all, it must be better than the last mob.

Russia have done very well by putting that chap in space, haven’t they?  They are certainly making progress fast scientifically and they state that men will soon be landing on other planets, which is most interesting.  Bet the Americans are working day and night to catch up with Russian progress.  Personally, I don’t mind who achieves these advancements so long as mankind lands on Mars or Venus within my life span.

As you can see I haven’t much to say for myself.  Sometimes I can write umpteen pages but it hasn’t been that way these past few days.

Anyway Maureen, have fun and take care of yourself because I love you very much.  Darling I hereby sayeth goodnight, God bless.

All my love



Letters from Alan Week 15: 11th - 15th April 1961

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