15th April 1961

15th April


Dear Diary,

Michael took me to the quaintest little club.  Very nice place with a charming atmosphere.  The shock came when I was saying goodnight to him outside my house.  He asked me to stop writing to Alan.  He said he liked me and he wanted to take me out but as things are he just feels as if he is filling in time.

It was a terrible shock to me and I wouldn’t give a definite answer either way.  All I kept saying was ‘I don’t know’. In the end I was given a fortnight’s grace to decide.  I mean, how on earth can I stop writing to Alan after everything that has happened.  And I told Michael most of that ‘everything’ as well.  I hadn’t lied to Michael at all. Yet telling the truth hasn’t kept me from this mess.

Maureen's Diary Week 15: 11th - 15th April 1961

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