15th March 1961

March 15th 1961



Thanks for everything, your present, the card the letter, and just everything.  Maureen, you really are a darling. You know, you’re terrific, just great in fact.  I’m not just flattering you because I feel it’s the right thing to do but because I really do love you very much and when you do these sort of things I just burst.

The present is very neat and useful.  Not at all unoriginal because you can never have too many of them. So you hit right me ol’ darling.  For your peace of mind there was no extra charges for the parcel. Well kid, my birthday went off pretty well in the circumstances.  Rather quiet as expected but pleasant if you know what I mean. (you don’t? – tough!)

Tell Jennifer thanks a lot from me.  The card was well chosen. Anyway, give her a hug from her future brother-in-law on account.

Have stacks to tell you but knowing me I’ll probably finish by page six anyway. Think I had better start from Monday and give you the facts man, the whole facts and nothing but the facts! – well, with just a few lies to make it sound better.

So, now A.D.Blake gives the saga of Cyprus, or something like that.

It was quite a day.  First of all the MEAF P3 officer visited the Sqn for the annual inspection of the Sqn Orderly Room.  The Sarge was in a permanent sweat the minute he walked in. (he being the P3 officer) He certainly did a thorough job and really put the chaps through the hoop.  He found stacks of mistakes which is most unfortunate for the persons concerned. I was half expecting my turn but when he reached me he said that another officer was responsible for my department and that I would be inspected next week sometime. Still, I’m not worried.  When he arrives I’ll swear blind I don’t work there and then report sick with loss of memory.

Seriously though, my work has never been questioned before and only the other day the Adj called me in to assure me he had confidence in my ability and went on to say that my job was very important to the Sqn – and all that jazz.  After building me up he then gave me a stack to do. He’s dead cunning that man.

These past few days haven’t been so bad because my mate failed his trade test so the Sarge has generously donated him to my Registry.  Being a real rotter I make him do most of the work while I just make sure he is doing it correctly. Work has been just dandy lately. I don’t feel nearly so tired after work.  I’m not being hard on him in any way because the Sarge and this chap realises that being without practical experience of his particular trade was the main reason for his failure.  Anyway, I’ll make sure he gets plenty of practice for the next five months.

All this is getting me off beam so back to Monday the 13th.

To continue…….We were leaving the compound at about 4.45, a good 15 minutes after everybody else, when we (mate and I) smelt rubber burning and then saw the smoke.  Next minute we were belting across the compound to where smoke and flames were coming from the Sqn M.T. Section. We saw on arrival that caravan used as a rest room by the M.T. drivers was well ablaze.  It was a smashing sight to see RAF property burn (what a thing to say!) but being British we did the decent thing. I grabbed a nearby fire extinguisher and started to hose it down while my mate went back to phone the Fire Section.  By the time they arrived we had the fire almost out thanks to about half a dozen fire extinguishers. The lads from the Fire Section seemed a little choked at missing the ‘fireworks’. Really must remember not to be so greedy next time.  We both made statements for the unit enquiry which is investigating the cause etc. It was quite an event in my day-to-day drab routine.

Mind you, when I get home I shall enlarge on what I told you to make it seem as if I had been the hero of a blaze that swept the whole camp.  Then maybe I’ll write about it and sell it to Hollywood for filming. – well, just an idea.

Tuesday the 14th and your Alan had reached the grand old age of 22.  Just think I have been knocking around for all these years without producing a son and heir.  Like I said this was a quiet day apart from a few drinks and a lot of good humour. Didn’t really expect it to be anything like my last birthday, that was a terrific day for me.  But that is another story that I may tell you at some later date. Boy! what a time that was. Come to think of it, I’ve got stacks to tell you about my murky past. Perhaps it would be better to tell you when we are sitting on my sofa/floor, with my large fire, soft music and all that.  Just a minute……I don’t mean the fire is on the sofa……



It is now Thursday night.  Gave up last night due to lack of concentration.  When I write to you I like to be left alone so that I can concentrate and imagine myself talking to you but, believe me it just doesn’t work out that way.  Guess you are the same, aren’t you? It explains why you wait until everybody else is in bed. Tonight most of the lads are at the cinema watching ‘Last train from Gunhill’.  Yet another of those ‘goodies and baddies’ type westerns.

Have just thought of something (miracle).  Would you be good enough to let me know Jennifer’s birthday so I can return the compliment.  It would also be an idea to send a card to your parents on their respective birthdays. – just to butter then up and put me on the safe side in August.  Butter them up, isn’t what I mean really but it would be a nice gesture – don’t you agree?

Please do send any negative or photos you may have.  Anything with my Maureen on will always be welcome. Ah, yes, that remark about sending me a bathchair.  Just you wait and see who will be needing the bathchair next year……er yes!

One thing bothered me when I re-read these few pages just now and that was on page one.  It reads….you can never have too many of them. This referred to your present as stated and was meant to convey to you that cuff-links etc are always welcome because there are so many different types, not only that, this particular guy hasn’t many to choose from at home.  So, taking things by and large you are a darling and I love you more and more.

The new guy who arrived a couple of weeks ago has already gone round the twist, in fact he’s nuts.  Perhaps he was half gone when he arrived and was trying to fool us. Anyway, he isn’t acting very normal lately perhaps he has realised just how long two and half years is in a place like Cyprus.

Who do you reckon will win the Boat Race?  I’m taking Oxford this year, any bets on it?

It’s time for my night-cap now darling.  Goodnight. Have fun and remember you are my favourite person.



Letters from Alan Week 11: 15th - 19th March 1961

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