11th May 1961

11th May


Dear Diary,

Carol came in to work this morning bursting with what she considered ‘great news.’ She and Clive had been talking about Michael last night and Carol remarked that he was quite a gadabout.  Clive denied this and said Michael was settling down now.  ‘All his friends are going steady and Michael is getting serious.’  Carol was choked when I told her I knew that.

I got a postcard from Michael Tuesday morning.  It’s funny, since I haven’t been seeing him I have been thinking more and more of Alan and thinking how rotten I have been to him.  I can’t break myself of the habit of looking for his letters every morning and I get so depressed when I realise that I won’t get any.

There was an airman on our train Monday morning.  It was a shock, I don’t know why.  I took one look at him and went all weepy.  I wonder if he was going abroad.

It is my birthday tomorrow.  Oh, I do so hope I get a card or something from Alan.  Just something to give me an excuse to contact him again, by writing and thanking him for it.

Maureen's Diary Week 18: 5th- 12th May 1961

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