5th May 1961

5th May


Dear Diary

As Michael is going on holiday tomorrow we went out this evening.  To the Sports Club again and again I caused a stir.  We were sitting in a corner talking and everyone who came in turned and looked, then looked again.  Michael said the same faces are there week after week and a new one attracts a lot of attention.

One of the first things he asked me was whether I had got a letter from Alan.  When I said I had he was quiet for a few minutes and then said, rather sarcastically, I thought ‘oh, I suppose ‘it was all sad?’ I told him that I expected Alan to come round in August, at which he changed the subject fairly quickly.

Later, he did ask me what I was going to do when Alan came home, finishing with ‘’You’ve got to make up your mind y’know.’  Which was rather strange as that is exactly what my stars said in tonight’s paper.  I evaded this question rather skilfully I thought.  I seemed to be getting good at evading questions without actually lying, due to all the practice I‘ve been having lately.

We didn’t get back to my home until 11.30 but nothing much was said about the lateness.  I had scared Mike so much with the things that were liable to be said (by Dad) that he was in two minds whether to come in.  I think he just wanted to grab his bike and run.  In the end he stayed until gone 12 and watched the football on television.

He seemed more upset than I felt about not seeing each other for a week.  He kept saying ‘over a week! Oh dear!’ and said he wished he didn’t have to go.  I almost had to chuck him off home.

Maureen's Diary Week 18: 5th- 12th May 1961

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