8th April 1961

8th April


Dear Diary,

After Carol and I spent all week planning how we could both manage to go to the Lambourne we both end up at the Winter Hall, East Ham.  Had a marvellous time.  Roger and Joan, friend and fiancée of Michael’s were there.  Michael asked me about Alan and I told him how long I had known him etc. and showed the photos I have.

Carol had told me something Michael’s mother had said ages ago.  If Michael took a girl out during the week it must be serious. I remembered hearing that when Michael asked me to go out next Wednesday. Before he asked me he started to talk about Alan again, probing to find out how serious it was, I think.  He said he didn’t want to swindle a chap out in Cyprus.  I told him it was understood when Alan returned in August we would start where we left off in January.  A mild version of the truth I think, considering something said in certain letters.  Michael is known as a confirmed gadabout so I don’t anticipate any mix-up.  I doubt whether the whole thing will last very long.

Maureen's Diary Week 14: 1st - 9th April 1961

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