1st April 1961

1st April


Dear Diary

For a few weeks now Carol Foster has been telling me about her boyfriend’s brother Michael and she said Clive and she were telling him about me.  After much, not so discrete planning, this evening Jane and I went to the Lambourne and Clive and Carol, plus brother, plus friend were there.  Poor Jane was the only one who didn’t know what was going on.

Michael is very nice.  Surprising part was that he has taken out Dorothy Jones a few times. I knew her at school. He is terrifically smart and quite good looking.  The six of us went for a drink during the interval and I really enjoyed myself.

Carol has told Michael all about Alan and this evening I have done vice versa.  Michael was so charming when he asked if he could see me home and then asked me if I would like to go out next Saturday.  I agreed but now have to put Graham off.

Maureen's Diary Week 13: 27th March - 1st April 1961

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