1st April 1961

April 1st 1961


Darling Alan,

Who fancied Oxford for the Boat Race then?  it was a jolly good race though.  I even had visions of myself paying a visit to the Post Office for a postal order but I didn’t have to, thank goodness.  Y’know, I got paid Thursday and I’m skint again.  I don’t like pay days.  It come home to me how poor I really am, even though I’ve got a fistful of that green stuff.

I got back from dancing an hour ago.  I told you it was all arranged through Carol, didn’t I?  and I also told you that for weeks now Carol and Clive have been trying to get me and Clive’s brother Michael to meet.  They succeeded.  Jane and I were sitting, minding our own business when Carol and Clive came marching up, (or rather, dancing up – mustn’t be rude.)  Clive said, ‘Ah, I’ve got two handsome young men up there, ‘specially for you.’

I was ever so pleased that someone asked me to dance before we met them.  Carol is worse than Marjorie for matchmaking.  Well, anyway, I had quite a nice evening out.  Halfway through, the six of us went to a pub for about an hour and we left at eleven.  This other bloke Matthew took Jane home in his car and Michael brought me home.  That Matthew is quite an intellectual, is 21 and is a BSc and something else, which I can’t remember.

I’ve got a good reason for not going out with Graham next Saturday.  I am going out with Michael instead.  Probably to the Winter Hall in good ol’ East Ham.

I don’t know what’s the matter with my family, honest I don’t.  I told them about what’s happened and the first thing they started on was, ‘what about Alan?’ and then they went on to two-timking and that once I start going out with Michael when is it going to stop.  And on and on and on.  Dad even called me a cheat and said it wasn’t fair cos you weren’t here to defend your interests.

I was ever so aloof and said that as Michael knew about you (through Carol, I haven’t said a word – yet) and I was gonna write to you about him, I wasn’t doing anything under false pretences and I wan’t two-timing anyone.  D’you know what he said then, ‘but you promised to be in by 10.30, didn’t you?  Not a quarter to twelve.’  I wondered what on earth he was talking about until he told me that the 10.30 was mentioned on the first post card you sent.  That man’s got a mind like a camera.  Bloomin’ cheek!

We talked about everything in that pub.  From Lady C. – which Carol had read and didn’t think was disgusting, to Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound which is my favourite topic.  The bit I like best is Okey Dokey Bobo.  A phrase that will come in very useful if I ever meet a bear called Bobo.


Clive and Carol are walking are walking from Brentwood to Ongar on Easter Monday.  It all started because Carol wanted to go on the Aldermaston March and Clive said she would never make it.  So she insisted on proving that she would.  Mind you, that girl takes no chances, they are only walking on bus routes.

Think I’ll pack up now until tomorrow.  I want to go to bed now and read a bit more of my book.

Oh, well, so to bed and my juicy book.



4th April


I’ve just picked up my pad to write to you and I’ve found half a letter.  I could have sworn I’d finished it and sent it.  Well, apparently I didn’t, so I’d better get on.

I got letter number 24 this morning.  I’ve got quite a pile now.  I don’t know where to put them.

It was rotten going to work this morning. I didn’t want to get up one bit.  Jennifer was sound asleep when I dragged myself out.  Sound asleep, that is, until I started wrecking the place looking for my stockings.  In the end I didn’t find the ones I wanted and had to wear an old pair.  That’ll teach me to sling clothes as I take them off.  Still, I don’t suppose you are interested in that, are you?

I thought it was a bit much for that girl to sling a cup at her husband.  She might have used something heavier.

Carol and I have been talking about last Saturday.  I haven’t seen Jane since then so I had to get all the gen from Carol.  Matthew took Jane home in his car and he asked her to go out with him tonight.  Apparently she accepted cos she thought she couldn’t very well snub a friend of Carol’s.  Actually she doesn’t like him one bit as she said all he talks about is money.  Which he and his family have plenty of. She has been trying to think up an excuse for not going but she decided it wouldn’t be too bad as Carol and Clive were going as well.

As for that little heart-felt problem as you called it.  I’m sorry now I said anything.  Shall we just forget I ever did say anything and see how things work out when you get home.  Note the date?  We’ve known each other for three months now.  Must be a record.

It’s murder trying to write with everyone sitting around watching the gogglebox.

Dad was ever so pleased with his card.  He wanted to know how you know to sign SAC.  I told him he’d be surprised how much of what he says reached Cyprus.  I think he is scared to talk to me now.

I can’t think of anything else.  Quite a short letter this time.  I must be slipping.  I’ll try to write a long one on Saturday when I don’t have to worry about getting up in the morning.  As if I ever worry about getting up in the morning.  I just don’t  bother to get up

See you in 143 days



Letters from Maureen Week 14: 1st - 9th April 1961

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