26th February 1961

February 26th 1961


Maureen darling,

How about popping over next weekend for a few days?  It will only cost you a hundred pounds return and I’m sure your dad can afford it.  Well, perhaps not.  It was just an expensive thought by a half-baked idiot but what a marvellous thought.  Do you realise Mrs Blake that in 6 month’s time you will be in my arms again and I will be showering you with kisses and just about going crazy with excitement.  Why oh why couldn’t I have met you before.  All my life I have been knocking about London, meeting a large number of people of both sexes and never before has anybody affected me this way.  Why you do so is pretty clear in my mind and I shan’t enlarge upon that in writing.  If I had my way you would be wrapped up in a big parcel and sent priority airmail to A.D.Blake immediately.

Tonight am feeling terribly lonely and sorry for myself, more so than usual.  Last night was the same.  Perhaps it’s because I imagined you at Marjorie’s wedding and kept wishing I was with you.  Hope you had a good time darling and that everything turned out fine.  Maybe the next wedding you go to will be ours.  Let’s hope so.

Have been quite busy this afternoon.  Not only have I written two letters but was also acting as emergency barber.  One of my friends has an interview with the C.O. early tomorrow morning.  His hair was much too long so he asked me to cut it for him.  I told him he was taking a big risk but as he didn’t care, as long as it was cut, I did.  Now read that sentence again slowly, Get it?

Anyway, I flashed the comb and scissors around then finished up with an electric razor.  To tell the truth he was pleased with the result.  Mind you, so was I. It gives me an idea to open a Gent’s Hairdresser Est in my bed space.  Could make a few bob, could also lose a few teeth if I cut somebody’s ear off – think I’ll forget about it.

I played football yesterday and this morning my legs were pretty stiff. Guess I have been neglecting my training lately.

That question about National Service lads being paid retaining fees whilst in the services.  As far as I know this doesn’t happen in the Exchange because the Exchange is comprised of a series of units each acting independently to suit their own requirements.  Perhaps firms have paid retaining fees but not to my knowledge.  Hope that answers your question.

Since laying down the law at that recent Messing meeting there has been a great improvement in the food.  Quite a few people have said, well done in appreciation, so these past four days have been well spent.  It’s not only the thanks I like but also the big changes made.  The food now is so good that the usual complainants have been unable to find faults.  Really must try to think of something by next month.  Can’t very well go along and say nothing, the Catering Officer would probably faint and we couldn’t have that, could we?

That parade wasn’t so bad really.  Only trouble was when we first stepped off for the march-past yours truly stepped off with the right foot instead of the left.  Funny thing was I thought the charlie in front was out of step instead it was the charlie behind the charlie in front.  Still, why worry, it’s all a game.

Must close now Maureen.  Sorry about this strange letter but it’s late and my brain isn’t thinking the way it should.

Before saying goodnight I will remind you of one thing.  I love you very much and miss you.

All my love


ps   I’m looking forward to next Christmas.

Letters from Alan Week 8: 26th - 28th February 1961

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