26th February 1961

February 26th 1961


Darling Alan,

I’ve got loads to write about, so it’s a good job I’ve haven’t got to get up for work in the morning.  Do you realise it is exactly 6 months until you get your demob.  it’s coming closer and closer.

That sounded quite a party you went to.  Didn’t you fall over any bodies down that storm trench.  Still, if they were mostly married couples there’s not much point is there?  What’s a storm trench?

Now, come on dearest, darling – and all the other persuasive noises – what was that ‘handsome compliment’?  you know you want to tell me or you would never have mentioned it.  I’m going mad with curiosity here.  You should have taken that WRAF home.  Think of the poor girl going home in the dark all by herself.  Or maybe she didn’t. Oh yes! And why were those women surprised you were a bachelor?

I got a letter from Lena on Friday.  She said she could only come on the 4th or the 15th August.  We will be away the 15th so it will have to be 4th, which is Bank Holiday weekend anyway so that means I’ll only be working 4 days while she is here.  All I’ve got to do now is write to the holiday camp about her.  She asked me how much it would cost at the camp so it seems she expects to pay for herself, which eases my mind a bit.  But I’ll probably go halves with her anyway.

Now, I must tell you all about yesterday. And I mean all, so be prepared to be bored stiff.  I like talking or writing about something I have enjoyed cos it brings it all back.

Jennifer and I didn’t get to Marjorie’s house until 1.30 so it was a rush getting her ready.  I don’t think Marjorie can have any nerves.  She was as cool as a cucumber while everyone was fussing around in an awful flap.  I’ve left Jennifer’s shoes round there so I’ve got to collect them sometime tomorrow, which is a nuisance.  I’ll spare you the ordeal of the descriptions of the dresses but they all looked marvellous.  Jen had her hair done with me and, I must say, I’ve never seen her look so pretty. I had to fix up 5 people’s hair yesterday.  My own, mum’s, Jen’s, the other bridesmaid’s and Marjorie’s mother who was running around in her undies and without her teeth in most of the time, which let me tell you, is enough to unnerve anyone.  They messed up my hair trying out the bride’s veil and headdress on me, to see how she wanted it.

The cars came ages before time and we were in the church at 2.30.  Marjorie and her father were parked in a country lane until 3.  She said she got some mighty funny looks.

I’ll skip everything else and go on to the evening, which sure was something.  Both Marj and Bill’s relations are pretty old and even the best man was married, but Marj said there would be some single blokes for us to dance with in the evening.

That girl has a craze for match-making.  She was only trying to drag us down to them (there were 4 of them.  Friends of Bill I think) to be introduced but we refused to budge and blow me if she didn’t bring them to us.  I’ve never felt such an idiot cos everyone in the hall was very interested and the boys said afterwards they felt idiots too.

Jean had her eye on one right from the start and it seems the feeling was mutual cos she is going out with him tomorrow night.

I had a marvellous time.  Those other three boys were really a laugh and we were in fits all the time. They were all about 20 and live in Tottenham.

Hardly anyone else but our little crowd were dancing and dad made quite a hit with them.  You’ve got the pleasure still to come of seeing my dad at a party, haven’t you?  He’s quite a dancer when he gets going and as mum doesn’t dance, I am always his partner.  Everyone was watching us when we did our speciality, a very fancy quickstep and a lot of people remarked on it afterwards.

I don’t think I sat down all evening (only cos Jean and I were about the only eligible partners there.)  Jean was more or less booked by Stan so, being the generous-hearted girl that I am, I shared myself equally between the other three.  (Don’t take that the wrong way, whatever you do!)  As I wasn’t out to make an impression on anyone I kept my glasses on all evening.  That at least made a topic of conversation as one of them was in the trade.

I can honestly say the party would have been nothing without us, as they weren’t a dancing crowd at all and at least we gave them something to watch.

One trouble was, none of the boys had cars so we couldn’t scrounge a lift home.  Jean and I went out to phone for a taxi for 11 o’clock but we didn’t know where there was a phone box.  We saw the best man coming out of a pub so we asked him to make the call for us and we went back.  Only we went back the wrong way and walked miles down a one-way street.  Len (the best man) got back before we did.

There’s not much else to tell you about the evening.  On second thoughts I better had.  I’ve got a clear conscience.  Anyway, what can you do with a mother who keeps popping up and saying, ‘yes…..I must write to Alan’.  How much did you pay her for information?

When we said goodbye to Marjorie she came out with a few coarse jokes and told us to go round to their flat next week and she’d give us a lecture.  Ha!  If only she knew.  I’ve got her bouquet so that’s double insurance that I’m the next one getting married.  As we couldn’t get a taxi I felt a right ‘nana’ carrying it on the train and bus.

There’s not much more to tell really.  Only, after refusing a couple of single dates I said, ‘you must come down sometime.’  It was only a throw-away remark, but it got taken up and I’ve got instructions to phone one of them next week to make arrangements.  God knows what’s going to happen because you know how big our front room is and the four of them are bringing some friends and someone said something about extra girls.

Jean had a brilliant idea.  It’s her birthday on Friday so she’s thinking about a party on Saturday.  Her house is bigger than mine so it would be better if we all moved round there.

It was funny getting home to hear mum say what good fun they were and how I should have got their addresses as they would be good for a party.  She nearly had a fit when I told her I had and we have visitors next weekend.

I think I stood that evening pretty well without you.  But there were times when it was unbearable.  Especially when they played the South Pacific LP before the band came.  I couldn’t help thinking that the last time I heard it you were with me.  Marjorie and Bill looked so happy.  I was wishing and wishing that it was our wedding and that it was us who were leaving and going home together.

I used a roll of film in the afternoon so I’ll have to send you a photo of them.  But I’ve dropped my camera since then and the lens has come out.  Dad’s had a go at fixing it but I’ve yet to find out whether it works.  It was pouring with rain today anyway so I still haven’t taken any photos to send to you.

I’ve been writing for an hour and a half now and my hand is just about dropping off.  It’s 1.30 am.  Six months seems such a long time away and I’m missing you more than ever after yesterday.  I wish you were home and we were married.

Don’t worry about the boys they were just good fun to keep me occupied until you came home.  They are not worth bothering about now I’ve met you.  I kept getting my little comments in about you and it was quite amusing the way they were trying to change the subject tactfully.

Y’know, they said I look about 20.  I don’t, do I?

Don’t forget I love you and no one else could ever mean anything to me.

 From your




Letters from Maureen Week 8: 26th - 28th February 1961

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