4th February 1961

February 4th 1961



My dearest Maureen,

The trouble in your house is your poor dad is outnumbered by three to one.  Poor man doesn’t stand a chance and when Lena comes, oh dear! He has had it completely, won’t be able to get a word in edgeways.

Went to see Psycho last night.  It was very good with typical Alfred Hitchcock suspense.  Not the sort of film for young ladies who have a long walk home in the dark by themselves.  It’s dead frightening.

In that last line I am taking the mickey out of myself just to show how nuts I am sometimes.  – you remark on that and you’re in trouble mate.

Elvis is singing ‘Mess of Blues’ on the old radio however, at the moment I am feeling in a pretty good mood.  Must be something I ate.

Talking about Elvis, the latest saying to catch on here is ‘Elvis is King’.  This is directed at people who try to sing in the showers.  Sounds mad, doesn’t it?  People do get a little twisted over here.

Dear Miss Brown with reference to your third degree question mentioning something about school.  Actually I never did go because I was always exposing myself in an empty shop off the Brentwood Road, that is until a group of schoolgirls reported me.  Just a minute, this is a serious letter so I’ll answer the question.  The school was called Sandringham Modern at Forest Gate E7.  However, were you to ask them they would deny it and probably threaten to sue you.

Tonight is our anniversary darling.  I have been thinking of you all evening.  You are beautiful, charming and I love you.  It was fate we met and I don’t ever intend to let you go.  It’s amazing how well we get on together, I feel I can tell you anything, and do – well.

Sorry about the delay in letters while I was at Troodos.  It seems strange to me because I posted a letter on Saturday week and apparently you never received it until last Wednesday.  Would you do me a favour and let me know how long it takes my letters to reach you. It is supposed to take 2 days but I don’t think that can be working out that way.  I always post a letter on Thursday morning hoping you will get it by Saturday but you always write saying you received said letter on Monday.  Your letters always take just 2 days without fail.

I had a letter from my sister the other day.  She didn’t say much, only that she is thinking of joining the WAAF, against my advice.  She doesn’t mention the future engagement of Alan and Maureen.  Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear.  I wrote back earlier this evening.

Will close now darling because I am tired.  Goodnight from me, good morning to you darling.

Always yours


Letters from Alan Week 4: 31st January - 5th February 1961

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