5th February 1961

February 5th 1961


Darling Alan,

It has definitely been one of those weekends and I am feeling terribly sentimental and lonely so watch out for a very drooly letter.

I was ever so pleased that you mentioned the 4th in your letter.  That is just something else to prove we think alike, cos I mentioned it as well – remember?

I am glad you enjoyed yourself when you went skiing.  (spelt with 2 Is this time – that sounds like a coffee bar!)  that bit about log fires in the lounge made it sound really romantic.  Wish I could have been there with you.

Of course I don’t mind you showering me with photographs.  Darling, you can shower me with anything!  (That’s got you wondering whether there’s a hidden meaning there, hasn’t it?)  Could you be a dear and get one of them enlarged for me?  The one signed ‘from the boy in blue’.  Where you’ve got your hands on your hips and the ‘I’m in charge’ look.  I think that’s a marvellous one, the best yet.  Both Jen and Mum went mad over it.  I had a job to tear it away from them.

And you’re not selfish about the photograph or anything.  Thank you darling for letting me have it.  You make me love you all the more – if that is possible.  Won’t it be marvellous when you get home?  I can see you anytime you want.

There is something I have been thinking about ever since you left but I haven’t liked to write it down.  Perhaps I know the answer but I think I just want you to say it. How – or is it why? – did you have everything ready the last time I saw you.  If you don’t know what I mean forget it.  There, I’ve given you an easy way out of that one

I’m in such an awful mood tonight.  I think about you all the time and the thought that I won’t see you for such a long time is really getting me down.

I haven’t been out of the house at all this weekend.  I’ve just been hanging around here in jeans and sweater, looking like a beatnik.  I’ve got the black stockings as well.  I bought them ages ago, but dad went mad when he saw them and ‘dared’ me to wear them out of the house.  So rather than waste my money I wear them indoors.

I got a letter from the holiday camp Thursday, letting us know that everything is booked.

The family have gone out this evening so I’ve got the house to myself. It seems such a waste.  All those lovely empty rooms and you in Cyprus.  What a shame.

Mike and Bernie winters are on TV at the moment.  Silly fools! I think they’re daft but I can’t help laughing at them.

It’s almost impossible to try and write while the television is on, so, my darling, I’ll have to leave you for another few days.  Life is so dull now.  I just live for the days when I will hear from you, all the other days seem so long and so boring.  And it all makes August seem years away. I love you Alan.  Please don’t let your feeling for me change at all.  I think it would just about finish me.

From your


Letters from Maureen Week 4: 31st January - 5th February 1961

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