30th January 1961

January 30th 1961


My Dear Maureen,

I arrived back at camp late last night and found a marvellous 13 page letter under my pillow.  It was just great.  I don’t know how you manage to write so many pages – perhaps it is just another of your wonderful qualities.  Your letters always leave me in a very good mood, so good in fact that my mates just say ‘how many pages?’  as they receive my cigarettes.

I guess that I have recovered from my bout of depression thanks to you and am very much my pre-leave self, if you get my meaning.  The way I weighed everything up was to think ahead instead of back.  It’s not so very long really to August.  Perhaps it may sound a long time to us at present but in six months plus we’ll be sitting in your front room planning our future together.  That and the thought of our next meeting makes me feel rather contented with everything and going by your letters it seems you have developed the same frame of mind.

With regards the photo Maureen, it’s yours.  Sorry if I was too demanding about it, perhaps I have been selfish about the whole thing.  However, you have it now and you are welcome to it.  Also enclosed you will find a few photos which were taken recently, including myself in a rather shabby working-blue.  I hope you don’t mind me showering you with photographs.

You know I have so much to tell you I just don’t know where to start so perhaps I’ll just write what I’m thinking about (perhaps not otherwise……..well, perhaps not).  Wished I hadn’t said that now.

In my last brief letter I was rambling on about skiing etc.  On the Saturday morning the snow was pretty icy on top and every time I went down the slope it seemed faster and faster.  It’s quite a decision to push off at the top especially when you’re an amateur like me.  All you see the whole way down is a blur of trees and snow and then when you have reached the bottom, really travelling, you just lean to one side and bring the skis round facing uphill – sounds reasonable I know but to put it into practice is an entirely different matter.  However, on Sunday the instructor reckoned I was ok and passable.  This I regard as a great compliment.

The food was really good and the service excellent.  It was a great experience in life to have such a wonderful four days of skiing and first class service from every department.  At nights everyone gathers in the lounge where there are massive log fires.  It is just the right atmosphere after a tiring day.  The very place where people can sit back with a glass of wine or beer and be really sociable.

Everybody was extremely friendly and I made quite a few new friends.  One friend in particular was a girl of about 9 who seemed to regard me as her second father or something because she always wanted to sit on my lap.  Most of the people there were officers and their wives (or so they said) including a few generals etc but rank didn’t enter into the conversation so I didn’t let on that I was a mere SAC.  It was just great, the soft music, log fire, everything (except Miss Maureen Brown)

Sorry darling, have decided to stop here because the guys are making too much noise for me to concentrate.  Anyway, darling I’ll write again tomorrow and try to beat 13 pages (what a hope).  Take care of yourself Maureen remember always that I love you and am always thinking of you – I just love you and want you so much – roll on August.

All my love


ps   don’t forget our first anniversary on the 4th.

Letters from Alan Week 3: 21st -30th January 1961

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