29th January 1961

January 29th 1961


Dearest Alan,

My mother has been sitting here ages talking to me about nothing in particular and I have been dying to write to you.  I always wait ‘til everyone has gone to bed, then I can think of things without feeling as though everyone is reading my mind.  That is a guilty conscience I suppose.

There has been a quite a play on tele tonight!  It was Armchair Theatre, put on an hour later because it was unsuitable for children.  It was called Honeymoon Postponed, which gives you the gist of it straight away. It was all about a young couple who had been married for 6 weeks and hadn’t consummated their marriage (the fools.)  The parents kept meeting to discuss what could be done. It was ever so funny but I hate watching those sort of plays in the company of my esteemed parents.  Some of the jokes flying back and forth were a bit much.  I never know whether to laugh or not.  Well, I mean, I don’t want to spoil the illusion (is that the right word?) that the eldest daughter of this house is sweet and innocent.

My friend who is getting married in four weeks came round this afternoon with her fiancé and the other bridesmaid.  They brought the bridesmaids’ dresses and all the bits and pieces, partly for a final fitting and partly to show my parents.  When Jennifer is all dressed up she really looks nice and ever so grown up.  My Dad said he could fall for her.  Mum got a bit worried and told me to keep an eye on her as she looks a lot older than eleven.  ME, keep an eye on her.  I’ll be too busy keeping an eye on myself (didn’t mean it, really.)

Actually, I caused quite a stir.  Marjorie, she’s the one getting married – said ‘don’t forget, you can bring a boyfriend’.  When I said ‘He is in Cyprus’ she nearly hit the ceiling. She said, ’what, are you being faithful, blimey!’  Of course, that was my cue to bring out your photographs.  Dad backed me up there.  When Marjorie said, so this is the latest flame, dad said, he’s not a flame he’s a bonfire!  Good old Dad. Did you know you were a bonfire?  Don’t burn out before I see you again will you darling?

Honestly, all I have been doing recently is thinking about what it will be like when we’re married.  Won’t it be marvellous?  We’ll be together all the time and we won’t have to kiss goodbye again.  Still, there are a few years before that can happen.  How many, do you think?

My friend managed to get her holiday fixed for the same time as mine.  We’ve sent off the deposit etc but we haven’t had a reply yet.  Oh yes!  You didn’t answer my question about that.  (are you sure you do read my letters?)  Will you be stationed anywhere when you get back to England?  I am going away Saturday 12th August to 19th August.  I really don’t want to go now.  To think, you’ll be in England and I’ll be the one who is away then.

I didn’t go anywhere Thursday night, or Friday night or Saturday night or tonight.  You see what a good girl I’m being!  ‘All Hell at St. Trinians’ is in the cinema next week.  I want to see it but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to drag myself away from this nice warm fire.  It is shocking weather here.  Pouring rain and howling winds that don’t encourage you to go out at all.  In fact, I haven’t put one foot out of this house since I came home from work Friday night.

You ought to see people’s faces when I tell them that you are going skiing.  They say, ‘what!  In Cyprus.’  then I say ‘yes. They’ve got a mountain!’  Ever so proud like, as if I put it there specially for you.

I’m afraid I’ll have to leave it at this point this time darling.  Life’s just not worth writing about since you left.  I never thought I could miss anyone so much.  I didn’t tell you, did I?  When I opened your letter last Monday and saw those photos, it made me go all tingly and gooey like.  I hope your next letter with more photos comes tomorrow morning.  I like going all gooey like, over you – like.

I love you.


Letters from Maureen Week 3: 21st -30th January 1961

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