21st January 1961

January 21st 1961



All my mates have gone out tonight which is a good thing really for it enables me to sit down and write without being disturbed.  All I can hear at the moment is my little clock plus the howling wind outside.

Had a pleasant surprise this morning and it was all due to another letter from you.  It surprised me because I had only received your previous one yesterday.  So now I have to reply to a total of 15 pages which is a big job for poor old me, still, I’ll do my best.

First of all darling, I want to say how much I love you and miss you.  You really are everything I had ever dreamed about and like you said, we think alike, which explains some of your cheeky comments.

Friday:  Went to see the local travel agent this morning.  I handed her my Cyprus – UK air ticket which I was unable to use seeing that I came home by RAF Comet and this lady will be refunding my £30 next month.  Then I went around to the Post Office where I tried to pay in an English £5 note into my bank book but they wouldn’t accept it.  I then sent my book off to Harrogate to have my account entered.  When my book returns I hope to be able to deposit another £50 towards our wedding.

On leaving the Post Office I was attracted by a Squadron of Hunters doing aerobatics over the runway.  It was terrific to watch.  The said Sqn were treble 1 Sqn, the famous Black Arrows who are being attached to the station.  It’s about time we had fighter support because not long ago the Ark Royal staged a mock attack on the station and going by reports we were apparently blown off the Earth within 5 minutes.  It doesn’t give one confidence does it?

At lunchtime I received your letter and read it a few times before going for my sausage and beans.  Friday evening went to see ‘Around the World in Eighty days.’  It is a long film so it wasn’t until about 8.30 that we left the cinema which, as it turned out, was just right.  It was shortly after 8.30 that the Queen arrived.  She stopped here for an hour while her plane was refuelled.  She went to the Officer’s Mess to be introduced to all the high-ranking officers and that old rogue Archbishop Makarious.  I had a good clear view of her and the Duke.  The very first time I had seen them in the flesh.  Unfortunately it was a bitterly cold night with heavy showers every 5 minutes, together with a strong wind.  In fact, it was a right lousy night, so I went to bed….

I think I would also like a maid……for domestic reasons.  I think I had better be the cook, seeing as you can’t.  I’m not bad at boiling cornflakes etc.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea if you watched your mother when she cooks the meals then you might have some idea and when we get back I’ll show you my ideas (there I go again, trying to change the subject.)  We would be alright for a while though on toasted cheese sandwiches and a bottle of port.

Hope this letter isn’t boring you darling.  Try to remember me as I really am in person.  Just a guy who has met his gal and knows that she is irreplaceable to him – that’s me!

It is Saturday night and here I am writing to you, smoking NAAFI issue, Marty Wilde is singing ‘Little Girl’ and I am feeling fairly relaxed now.  Every now and then I glance at your photos.  How I wish you were here.

One last thing Maureen.  The present arrangements…    Perhaps it would be better to change it to about 5.30 if that is alright by you.  If not, you suggest the time because it’s what I have plenty of.

Will sign off now dear.

Always remember, I love you.


Letters from Alan Week 2: 16th - 21st January 1961

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