15th January 1961

January 15th 1961


My dearest Maureen.

Thanks for a really charming letter – terrific – I’ve read it a dozen times already.  My last letter was rather short, I’m afraid, I was really tired at the time.  It’s quite understandable isn’t it – yes – well, anyway since last writing I have been able to obtain a few nights’ rest and am rather more relaxed now but nevertheless terribly depressed because I am missing the one person in my life who is priceless – that’s you silly!

Do you realise a young lady named Maureen is always on my mind, your photos are placed within a photo frame and they smile up at me from my locker – you are wonderful.

I don’t know how you have the audacity to say that you ‘had to be sure of me before you wrote’ after all that I’ve said.  I love you and always shall, whether you stop loving me or not.  I could never tell another girl that I love her because I just can’t stop thinking about you.  Nobody has affected me the way you do – Help!  Pause to regain breath!

My mates approve of your photo and reckon I’ve been ‘hit bad.’.  It’s a bad thing in a way, because I don’t like to feel that I am going soft, even if I am.

My head didn’t swell at the girls’ approval, I just think they are very intelligent members of society.  xx

‘Don’t show it to anybody because I don’t like it’.  They were my exact words as spoken to you on the night of Monday the 9th inst.  So a few days later a letter arrives to say that you have ‘flashed’ it around the office.  I felt like curling up in a corner and kicking myself for letting you have it.  But one must give and take so I reckon that my future wife only did what she thought was right and anyway I wouldn’t stand for anyone clobbering my Maureen. 

Last night I wrote letters to my dad, Ronny, Harry, Jimmy and my sister who has yet to hear about the Miss Brown of the Bank of England but I’m sure she will start saving for next Christmas (our engagement present).  Between August and Christmas we’ll have to visit all my brothers and sisters and of course, all your close relatives.  Should have a pretty busy time of it by my reckoning.

I have had some photos taken today and will send you them on Thursday so as to reach you by Monday.  Tonight we have been toasting bread over a paraffin stove.  We have an iron coat hanger which is placed over the hole at the top and place our bread on this.  Not very hygienic I know but satisfying when we are hungry – about every 10 minutes.  The fellows reckon I make the best toast but I’m not having that otherwise it will mean me making it every night.

Last night (Saturday) was just shocking for me.  In the end I went up to the NAAFI for a drink but I didn’t enjoy it much.  Just think, the previous Saturday I was with you at the Ilford Palais and now, here I was sitting in a stupid looking NAFFI a couple of thousand miles away, just because some crazy man sent me a letter from the Air Ministry a couple of years ago.

Anyway darling, must sign off now as it is late.

                         All my love is yours – bye-bye





Letters from Alan Week 1: 10th - 15th January 1961

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