13th January 1961

January 13th 1961


Hiya, Honey!

Did I ever tell you I love you?  You are an absolute darling to send me those postcards.  It was marvellous getting them ‘cos I’d worked out that today was the earliest I could hope to hear from you, then I came home from work yesterday and one postcard was sitting there waiting for me and I got the other one today.

There is just one thing though Alan dear, please spare my blushes and keep those sort of messages to a sealed envelope.  Our postman’s mind is corrupt enough already.  My dad saw them of course.  He casually mentioned last night that he had noticed ‘my boyfriend’ had taken to sending pretty postcards now.  Boy, didn’t I go red!  He just looked at me and laughed.

I’ve been waiting for ages to get my holidays booked up.  But although I have asked for the last two weeks in August I haven’t been told definitely yet whether I can have them.  I hope I can get them cos that means I’ll be going away the 19th for a week, then I will be home the last week and if you’re not starting work until September, well, what could be better.

Y’know that book my mum was reading and she said she didn’t know whether I ought to have it?  Well, I’ve got it.  it’s good, but not as good (or is it as bad?) as Lady Chatterley.  Still, it doesn’t let me go to sleep on the train in the mornings.  It’s called, The World of Suzie Wong, in case you’ve forgotten.

I went to evening classes Wednesday night as well, which I think was rather good of me.  It was freezing cold and there was frost on the ground when I went out at 7.  I don’t think I will join again next September.  This is my 4th year trying to learn typing and shorthand and I think that is long enough to convince everyone concerned that I’ll never succeed.  Anyway, I have to go 3 nights a week and that means I won’t be able to see you on those nights.

Oh yes!  You know you mentioned 10.30 on the postcard?  Well, everyone here is trying to find out what it means.  They get so mad because I won’t tell them.

The principal of our office left today to go into another office, so that meant chocolates all round and drinks for the other top nobs.  You ought to have seen the state some of the seniors were in.  They were going around giggling like schoolgirls.  The poor frustrated spinsters can’t take it.

Jennifer has been invited to a party of one of her school friends at Rainham tomorrow but since mum found out Jennifer has got to hang around the Chequers pub and wait for this girl, mum won’t let her go.  Jennifer got mad and asked why not, but she shut up soon enough when mum told her that it wasn’t very nice up there and she’d get herself molested.  I can’t decide whether she shut up because she did know what that meant, or because she didn’t know and didn’t like to press the point any further.

If you are at a loss of what to write about, tell me what you do at what times of the day and then, instead of just thinking of you I can think of you doing something.

I think I must have exhausted my list of things to tell you about (did I hear you say, thank goodness?) except of course the usual message.  I can’t think of any new way to put it, but you know how I feel about you, darling.  I just plain and simply love you and I am longing for you to come home.


Yours forever,


            Have you found those two jokes I cut out of the Weekend Magazine?  Pretty apt don’t you think?


A black cat crossed my path coming home this afternoon, I don’t know whether that doubles or cancels out my luck on Friday 13th.  It’s worrying me.


Y’know, when I write to you I can’t bear to stick the envelope down cos it seems to make you all the further away.  You seem very close to me when I am writing.

Love and kisses again,




Letters from Maureen Week 1: 10th - 15th January 1961

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