8th January 1961


I feel absolutely awful and I don’t know whether to look forward to tomorrow or not.

Mum and I went to the hospital to see Nan.  Uncle George, Aunt Win and the two boys were also visitors.  John is a sweet little kid.

When we got home Jennifer said Alan had called to speak to me.  She told him I wouldn’t be in until 4.30 so he said he would come back then and he left.

2 minutes later he knocked again and said to tell me that his brother’s car had broken down and he had to go somewhere for it. I’m not sure really what that part was about. Anyway, he said he wouldn’t be back until 8.30.

I waited and waited but he didn’t come and I’m still wondering what is the matter.  If he didn’t intend to come he wouldn’t have taken the trouble to call in the afternoon to tell me he would be late.  He must have got delayed on the way or something.  What I’m really worried about is tomorrow. Friday night it was agreed he would meet me from work at 2 o’clock at New Change and I think I gave him all the details and whathaveyous.  Still if he isn’t there he knows I’ve got a half-day and could quite easily find me at the house.  I don’t think he would just drop me, not after the things he’s said.  I feel so depressed, just waiting and waiting and him not coming.

Dad finally agreed I could go to his farewell party tomorrow evening, on condition that I am home by 10.30.  He said that wouldn’t give me time to get drunk.

Surely Alan won’t disappear just like that. I can’t make up my mind whether to go to his house if he doesn’t meet me.  Perhaps not a good idea.  He can always get in touch with me if he wants to.

Dad’s opinion of Alan: “best one you’ve brought home yet!”

Mum’s contribution: “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep with him when he comes home.  He is the type of boy I’d like you to marry. He looks like he’d stay married.  You know what I mean.  Some of these chaps look as if they’d go out and lark about in the evenings.”

Good old Mum.  He’s definitely the type I’d like to marry as well.

And so for tomorrow and whatever it may bring………

Maureen's Diary The beginning: 1st - 9th January 1961

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