7th January 1961


Derek didn’t come to the house until 2.30 and then I was out shopping and I didn’t come back until after he’d gone.  Still, he fixed the stuff ok.

We all went to C & A to get the bridal stuff for Marje.  We had a marvellous time.  Staff were making a great fuss over us and one girl said she had skipped her tea-break as she didn’t want to miss anything.  Jennifer was thrilled to bits with her dress.  We couldn’t keep her still.

Alan came to the house about 7.45 as arranged and we went dancing at the Palais.  It wasn’t very good.  We only got up and danced once.  The rest of the time we just sat there with his arm around me, talking. It certainly wasn’t as good as last night.

We left at 10.35, which although surprised Dad, made him a bit happier.

Alan is coming round tomorrow night to have a record session in the front room.  Roll on tomorrow.

Maureen's Diary The beginning: 1st - 9th January 1961

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