24th August 1961

August 24th


Dear Diary,

The main happening today was Lena’s return home from hospital.  Dad phoned the hospital after lunch to see how she was and they said we could bring her home whenever we wished.

Holding Uncle George to his promise I went straight round there and asked him if he would take me in the car.  It was unfortunate that he’d just taken it to pieces.  I had to sit talking to Auntie Bet for half an hour while he put it back together again.

Lena was very happy to be coming out.  She said she didn’t like the food. It was always grey or brown and horrid looking.  One thing that delighted Mum was when she entered the house she said ‘Oh, it is good to be home!’

Maureen's Diary Week 33: 22nd - 25th August 1961

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