13th May 1961

13th May


Dear Diary

Cards from most of the family arrived this morning but not the one I wanted.  I even paid up my bet with Jennifer without a word.

Mum and I went to Ilford and bought 4 lots of fabric including lilac for a two-piece.  Auntie Bet and Janet came round and Jan sat in the kitchen with me while I washed my hair and we caught up on all the scandal.

Michael took me to Rainham Town (football) and I wore my ‘horse blanket’ for the first time. It didn’t look too bad, I suppose, but I still wish we didn’t run into Mr. & Mrs Flynn on the way there. Michael was full of his holiday and has a fairish sun-tan for the time of year he was away.

He said, if we couldn’t get things arranged with his friends for Whit Monday, we would go for a picnic in Epping Forest.

Maureen's Diary Week 19: 13th - 17th May 1961

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