30th April 1961

30th April


Dear Diary,

Had tea at Michael’s house.  I do like his family.  You can tell that they put on no special airs because they don’t sit and try to entertain you.  It makes it so much easier to be natural and to fit in when people aren’t particularly trying to be pleasant.

Michael took me to the Sports Club after tea.  I gather this was pre-arranged as no one seemed surprised when we walked out.  The club is nice.  There is a bar downstairs with what is called the club room above.

We got our drinks and took them upstairs, receiving mighty ‘knowing’ looks from the barman and the only other chap in there.  Michael said it might cause some comment as he has never taken a girl to the club before.

We talked a lot over our drinks.  Mostly about things in general but Alan was mentioned a bit.  I had what may be called a vague proposal.  Well, it was more of a statement really.  A statement that I just let slide by.  The safest thing to do I thought.

We left the club room and I waited by the door while Michael took the glasses to the bar, I felt every head there turn and scrutinize me.  Very nerve-wracking.  I wanted to run.

Michael said that little episode would cause some comment.

Maureen's Diary Week 17: 23rd April - 2nd May 1961

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