25th March 1961

25th March


Dear Diary,

Alan’s letters have been coming twice a week regularly and I really look forward to reading them and writing my replies to him.

I have hardly been out in the evenings since he left though nothing was said about my giving up ‘living’ in fact, just the opposite.

Yesterday morning Jean brought a message from Graham.  If I would like to go out with him he would take me out with no strings.  Referring to Alan of course as I was pushing him rather a lot at the wedding.  As it is very boring staying in most evenings I accepted and this evening we went to the Palais with Jean and Stan.  Graham asked me if I’d like to go out again, if so, when?  I answered, maybe in a couple of weeks.

Maureen's Diary Week 12: 22nd - 25th March 1961

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