16th March 1961

939 Beechnut Grove
Upper Wadlington

March 16th 1961

Dear Aunt Mary,

        Please help me, I am desperate.  My daughter confided in me recently that she was in love and wished to marry.  Of course, I was delighted for I have always believed in child marriages (she is 37) but to my dismay I discovered that she had fallen in love with my grandfather.

        She does not know that she intends to marry her great grandfather because my mother left home at the age of twelve to marry my father and lost touch with the family until her divorce came through last year.  (she decided that one ought to have a change when one reaches ones ninetieth birthday)

        My problem is, will my daughter be my grandmother or will my grandfather be my s0n-in-law?  And on the other hand, will their child be my uncle or aunt or grandchild?

        Please help me!

                                     Worried blue eyes.

All letters Mary Letter Week 11: 15th - 19th March 1961

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