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Introducing alamore-onward

Continue the story of Maureen and Alan with Again using modern technology to present diaries written years previously  -onward will portray how we learned to form a new relationship outside the bounds of correspondence.  Plus the trials and difficulties of having a second person to consider in any situation. To give a taste of…

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12th May 1961

Dear Diary

My 18th birthday and what a ghastly day it has been.  Jennifer brought my cards up to me this morning and amongst them was a parcel.  Oh, it was such a disappointment when I saw it was from Germany and not from Cyprus.  The only card I got through the post was from Michael, which was sweet of him.  I’m pleased he remembered me.  What a mingy lot of relations I’ve got.

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16th March 1961

Dear Aunt Mary,

 Please help me, I am desperate.  My daughter confided in me recently that she was in love and wished to marry.  Of course, I was delighted for I have always believed in child marriages (she is 37) but to my dismay I discovered that she had fallen in love with my grandfather.

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