17th February 1961

February 17th 1961



My Dearest Maureen,

Hello darling!  Have just returned from the pictures after seeing ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.’  It was a terrific film in my opinion.  It’s the sort of film I would see again.  The star, Albert Finney reminds me of Lawrence Harvey whom I regard as at the top.  Did you see him in Room at the Top a couple of years back?  That film was an education to me.  Perhaps you can vouch for that if you’ve seen it – the film.

Was unable to reply to letter received Thursday because last night we had another power cut. It is most infuriating – don’t know what that word means but it sounds good anyway – to continue:- just when I am set to write when the…..lights go.  We all sat around the paraffin stove talking and once I start talking there is no holding me.  Anyway, it was a good quiet evening with coffee and toast to keep us going.  It was well after eleven before our little party broke up and clambered on our respective pits.  Woke again just before six and felt as bright as a daisy – a dead one.  After breakfast etc we had our annual kit inspection.  They, the officer and sergeant, didn’t think much of my working blue but after I persuaded them that having only 5 months to do in blue uniforms it wasn’t worth buying another, they passed it.  Not only that, I know the officer quite well so he was lenient.  The purpose of this inspection was to ensure our kit wasn’t deficient, because we are to receive the clothing allowance (not used) in early April – understand?  It may mean an extra couple of quid (pronounced money) for A.D.Blake and I just can’t resist money and that.

After this inspection I went over to see the dentist but he was unable to see me this morning as per the other mornings I was supposed to.  So went over to a kiosk just outside the hospital and met an old friend of mine. He was good enough to buy me a coffee so we took a seat and talked of old times.  You know the sort of thing.  ‘last saw you in Gib in ’59 old man.’  ‘Ah yes,’ he replies, ‘And we met again in Malta, in ’60, wasn’t it?’  and all that jazz!  He went after about half an hour and just as I turned to toddle off I came face to face with yet another old pal.  Of course, he wouldn’t hear of me leaving without having a coffee first so your Alan had another one and yet another talk about Ye Olde Times.  Most interesting it was too.

It was a beautiful day today and I was in a first class mood as I rolled into work just after 11.  Nobody questioned me which is just as well really – only two hours plus late.

Just after 12 noon received yet another letter from that marvellous young lady of mine.  Don’t know how I am going to reply to both yet.  So far I have been rambling on and on. Just read what your everloving has just written. Ugh! It’s nearly eleven so haven’t time to start again so, press on regardless.

Haven’t yet started to learn to drive, Maureen. But tomorrow my mate will give me my first lesson because he has hired a car out for the weekend and seeing that I have wangled a 48-hour pass I’m able to go with him.  This will only be for the morning because we are going to our mutual friend’s 21st birthday party.  If I haven’t got a thick head on Sunday then I will have a few more hours experience on the roads.

As for that car, when this guy leaves this mob he will most certainly be looking for something to run around in (trousers?) possibly a Ford Consul.  However, if buying a car means wasting a year of our married life then you of course come first.  If you see the point.

You know Maureen you write the most marvellous letters to poor old me.  I have received two letters from you in the past two days so it’s no wonder I am in such a good mood today.

Well pet, it’s gone eleven and it’s well past my bedtime.  In fact, I’m shattered so will close down now and will write Sunday (after party) and let you know how things went as well as referring to this morning’s letter.  Hope you don’t mind me doing this but it does give me a start on Sunday’s letter.

Goodnight my darling.  I love you very much and can’t wait for 187 days to slip by.  I miss you more and more.

All my love


ps  I love you.  Xx

pps  sorry it is short but must catch post in morning. xx


Letters from Alan Week 6: 14th - 17th February 1961

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