14th February 1961

February 14th 1961


My Dearest Maureen,

It’s been a wet and very dismal week so far, but luckily it doesn’t affect me in any way – I’ve always disliked this ……..island.  Life isn’t so bad though.  In fact, we have some right old times now and again.  The party next Saturday 18th should be fabulous, especially if yours truly has a few drinks.

I had a good laugh this morning and at 5 to 7 as well.  It had been raining heavy all night and it was still drizzling when Paddy and myself started off for work.  We had to go past Station HQ but seeing that the road at that point was one big pond we had to make a diversion.  We start to cross the SHQ garden which was slightly above water level.  Anyway, he goes one side of the storm trench and I the other. After reaching solid land again I turns around just in time to see him sink right up to his knees in mud.  Did I laugh!!  Poor bloke had to carry on to work because we were late already.  It’s what you might call a bad start to the day.

According to the news the Govt is making the V Bombers the big deterrent to any future nuclear war.  Sounds interesting and impressive on paper but personally I reckon the Russians could wipe us out within 24 hours but for NATO and US backing.  This airforce is darn inefficient to be very effective in an emergency – for all the newspaper talk.  Perhaps we could drop a few bombs in anger for all the good it would do us.  The govt seem to be relying on the anti-radar black box carried in the nose of all V Bombers.  After hearing about all the recent scientific achievements of the Russians it seems a ridiculous gamble to take.  If it were to happen there would be no one around to say ‘you were wrong’ to the govt.  It would be just too darn late!

It certainly is a great achievement by the Russians to send that rocket on the way to Venus. They must be years ahead of non-communist bloc in research.  Makes one think, doesn’t it?  Still, the West do have one big asset on their side – a certain erk called SAC Blake – actually it would be more correct to cross the et off the word asset.  (you dare agree.)

My mate at work went absent without leave over Christmas period and was picked up by Service police at his home address and taken to a detention block at Spitalgate, near Grantham Lincs.  Since serving his time he has drawn a picture of the block and stuck it on the notice board.  The point of telling you all this is that I decided to give it a title, namely ‘I was Alfred Hinds Pen Pal’ which caused some amusement at work.  What do you mean, you don’t get it?

The film ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’ is showing at our cinema on Friday.  This should be a pretty good film and you never know, I might learn one or two things about love and that (there I go again).  The book wasn’t too bad but I’m told this film is the goods.  Anyway, you’ll get this critic’s opinion next week.

Did I tell you I love you more than anything else in the whole world?  If I didn’t I do now.  You are the girl for A.D. Blake Esq.  You beautiful charming marvellous girl you.  I don’t even mind if you keep this page handy ‘til after 10 years of married life to show our kids how much their daddy loves their mummy.

I am writing this letter tonight in the hope you will receive it by the weekend.  So don’t think this is your Monday letter darling.  This is one on the house.  I intend to write again tomorrow because that is when I always receive a letter (every Wednesday) from you.  Anyway, this is lover boy signing off now Maureen and sending you all his love.

Yours as ever


           The radio is playing soft love records, the room is warm and giving the right sort of atmosphere for love and all that – oh dear – what a waste of time all this is.  Roll on August before I go mad!  Think I had better go to bed and sleep it off.

Goodnight darling. xxx

Letters from Alan Week 6: 14th - 17th February 1961

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