12th February 1961

February 12th 1961



My Dearest Maureen,

Feeling good today, health wise.  Feeling bad, that wise.  If you were here you wouldn’t stand a chance and we’d end up married by Easter so our first child wouldn’t feel embarrassed.

They decided to fine me 30/- for exposing myself in Brentwood Road.  They wouldn’t accept my plea of being a taxidermist at a loose end.  I’m glad you recognised the limp.

Nephew and nieces and all that jazz, so far you’ll have four of each but you know these Blakes, who can tell what the score will be by August.

Don’t forget to have a good time at the dance.  I only wish I were there to protect you from all those wolves.  You are a very attractive girl so you won’t have any trouble about picking a couple of suckers up – just wink the old eye – like.  Do you know of Pat Boone’s ‘Remember you’re Mine.’ Well, if you can remember the words, that is what I am thinking.  I love you for what you are, not for what your figure has to offer – sounds crude that, doesn’t it – sorry.  I love you so much darling.  Sometimes I wish you were fat and ugly (at least until August).  You can talk about ex-boyfriends as much as you like, dear.  I don’t mind a bit.

Next Saturday I am going to my mate’s 21st birthday party being held at a Warrant Officer’s house in married quarters.  It should be quite a party and it’s quite possible that SAC Blake will have a few too many drinks.  Roll on next week and the week after that and after that, and after……etc.

Excuse me while if finish off my toast and drink my pot of coffee (no dear, not the pot, the coffee).

Your comments on the film Psycho and being under the seat etc reminds me of one day in dear old East Ham about 6 years ago.  Yours truly went to see Errol Flynn in ‘Objective Burma’ at the East Ham Broadway.  It was a small place and rather a ‘bug-hutch’ but it was a film that I wanted to see so, to the bug-hutch I went.

Once inside I stumbled down the steps. After picking myself up I found there were plenty of vacant seats so being a snob I thought I’d sit in a row of empty seats on my jack.  So, I went to sit, only to find myself on the floor – no seat.

Unperturbed Blake sits in the row behind.  There was a deathly hush over the other patrons as they watched Errol Flynn playing hero – but wait….Blake is about to lean back in his seat –  he does – the seat goes back….the row goes back….and there is one big crash and Blake and seats hit the deck!

Only I could do that sort of thing.  Had I been a man-about-town celebrity the headlines in the local paper would be ‘Blake crashes in on Broadway.’  This cinema closed down a few years ago now, however there is still a small brass plate affixed to the building which states:  A.D.BLAKE HONOURED THIS CINEMA WITH HIS PRESENCE ON….(forget the date)  and in small letters says:  the bum ruined all our seats and put us out of business.

The last 6 lines aren’t exactly true.

They have been playing a selection of South Pacific on the radio.  My favourite, Bali Hi is being played at present.  This song is good.  We even know the words in our room.

Darling, am finishing this letter in bed. – wish you were here.

Sorry, only about 6 pages this time. Anyway, all my love is yours, as always.  Must close.

I love you


Letters from Alan Week 5: 8th - 12th February 1961

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