10th February 1961

February 10th 1961



My Dearest Maureen,

Sorry about the delay in writing darling.  This has been one of those weeks, been really shattered every night this past week.  Just too many late nights I suppose. Today was about the first time this week that I’ve been to breakfast and remembered what I had eaten.

Last night went to see Tony Hancock in a C.S.E. show at the cinema.  Not the best show I’ve seen but nevertheless pretty good.  Some of the jokes were so corny even I wouldn’t have said them.  At one point he was taking the part of the all American Teenage Rock’n’Roll singing idol.  ‘it’s great to be here in Akrotiri – Cyprus – Mediterranean’ he strolls around the stage giving little waves to the audience ‘Hi Kids’, he says, does a little dance. Better than sitting in the billet I suppose!

Re your question:  I wondered when you were going to ask me that.  I thought perhaps you would wait until August.


Now Maureen, I want to know what you thought the answer to be – so, no side tracking this one. Don’t let your mother get hold of this letter or she’ll be giving me the sack for leading her young and innocent daughter astray.  All I say is, roll on August.

My mate has just been in to tell me that he has received a letter telling him that he is the father of a baby daughter.  He’s a lucky guy, only wish I had a wife and family.  Still, not long now, is it Mrs. Blake.

We have been having lousy weather here recently.  This past week has been nothing but thunder and lightning with pelting rain.  The storm has caused a couple of power cuts.  One was on Wednesday morning.  It made quite a few people late including some of my mates.  When I woke them at 6 they just turned over, saw it was dark everywhere then buried themselves in blankets again. After going to breakfast I woke them again, this time showing them my bedside clock.  After that I stood back smoking (a cigarette) while 4 very late airmen scrambled around the room dressing etc.  serves them right for swearing at me at 6.  Sometimes I can be a right ….. but only at times.

Second power cut was Wednesday night.  I was all set to write a nice long letter when the light went again.  Just after 8 o’clock they came on again but by then I was in no mood for writing and after writing a few more pages decided to scrap the whole thing.

Sorry to hear you were feeling sentimental and lonely the other Sunday night.  Some nights I lose my ‘hard’ self and feel very much that way.  I just stare at your photos and think about you.  You sitting at home doing nothing in particular and I’m here doing sweet nothing.  It’s real tough just thinking about it all.

My mate was in a right flap the other morning.  He was to have picked up the C.O. at 5.45.  poor guy wakes up at 06.00, takes a look at his clock then goes slightly mad – mind you, he always is.  He was admonished of the charge that resulted later that same day.

We have coffee every night now.  We put a can of water on the old paraffin stove and it soon boils.  Here we have coffee and toast every night, although when we are married I reckon toasted cheese sandwiches will be the no. 1 dish.

Have sent off your Valentine card tonight.  It’s not impressive because the NAAFI don’t have much of a selection, but it says the same thing.  I little side bet for money between us in that you will receive at least 4 cards.  A 1/- says I’m right.

Over here I lead a completely different way of life, so it’s only natural that I don’t sound like ‘me’.  Living with men means you get trodden on if you are not ‘hard’ and if this is carried over to my letters to you then I’m sorry.  Be sure of one thing and that is that I am crazy about you and my feelings will always be the same, even if I’m awkward at expressing myself sometimes.  Love me always Maureen please don’t give me ‘the brush off’ before we have a chance to meet again.  Somehow I don’t think we’ll ever part we think as one which is a good thing for our future married life – may it be soon.

Enclosed are photographs as ordered by Madam.  Had a letter from Dad and John today. My Dad says ‘well, the next few months will soon fly by for your demob’.  My brother says,’ I’ve found your football boots but they seem to leak – probably manufactured in Wales.’  My family must be full of comedians.

Well, must close now dear.  Have fun. And all my love to you.



Ps one month gone already – six to go.

Letters from Alan Week 5: 8th - 12th February 1961

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