27th January 1961

January 27th 1961


Hello darling,

Sorry about not writing these past few days but life has been rather hectic.  I believe I told you that I may be going skiing, well that has now happened and I am sitting in a little hut stuck on Mount Troodos writing on a wonky old table.  For some reason or other the Air Force has given me four days off to go skiing, not only that, the C.O. of the Squadron brought me and another guy all the way up here in his staff car.  I felt dead chuffed as I pulled out of the Sqn gates.  There was I reclining in the back seat taking steady drags at a cigarette and getting away from it all.

When we arrived this other guy called Rob and myself were billeted in this chalet type building.  We have a marvellous view from here.  It will be hard to explain how good a view it is, so I’ll just send you a few photos of it.

We went skiing for the first time on Thursday afternoon.  We had a good instructor so it wasn’t too difficult to pick up the basic principles of what and what not to do.  Just before we were due to go he took me up the ski lift and believe me I didn’t feel at all brave about coming all that way down on skis. However, being a mad fool, I did and finally arrived at the bottom after only one fall.  I didn’t really fall, I just felt I was going too fast and sat down as per instructions.  It really is everything I hoped it would be to ski.  It’s a great sensation.  Today we have been having more advanced lessons.

I hope you will excuse the letter Maureen.  To tell you the truth I’m dead beat.  It’s very tiring.  All this rushing around and then climbing back up again.  It’s a real pleasure to go to bed at night.

The place I’m staying in is called the Troodos Leave Centre.  It’s not bad at all.  The food is first class, waiters are always rushing around making sure that everything is ok and it’s Sir this and Sir that.  Around 7.30 a waiter brings us a cup of tea in bed and when we are at breakfast someone else pops in and makes the bed etc.  Life would be perfect for me if my sweetheart were here too but that is too much to hope for just yet Maureen.  I love you and want to marry you as soon as I can – the sooner the better.  I guess life is what you make it and I want to make it perfect for us both. Xxx

Enough about skiing for the time being and as I’m nearly falling off my chair through tiredness I had better refer to your last letter.  First of all I‘m glad you enjoyed yourself at the party.  Staying in every night is enough to depress anyone and I don’t want you to get depressed.

No Maureen.  I can’t ride a horse so I’ll take you at the next opportunity.  I did intend to say a lot of things in this letter but I’m tired and words aren’t coming easily enough, so I’ll close now and go to bed and dream about August and the charming Miss Maureen Brown of Dagenham.  Will write soon.  All my love is yours.



PS  only 6 and 3 quarter months.


Letters from Alan Week 3: 21st -30th January 1961

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