6th January 1961


Didn’t today go slowly!  Dead on the stroke of 6.30 there was a knock on the door and he’d arrived.  Y’know, I think this is the one for me but only time can tell definitely.  What chokes me is that he is flying back to Cyprus next Tuesday afternoon.  I think, I hope, he is pretty choked as well.  It’s fortunate that I have a half day booked for Monday afternoon.

He said he would meet me from work and then he is having a farewell party at his house in the evening.  Dad did say ‘forget that.’ But I’ve got to get there somehow.  Anyway, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Tomorrow night he will collect me at 7.45 and we’re going to the Palais.  I think I will wear my black dress.

He pays the most charming compliments and said my flame dress was marvellous, so I’ve got to wear that on Monday.

He is tall and slim, reminds me somewhat of Sid (cousin-in-law) and has the most marvellously husky gravel voice you’ve ever heard.  His name is Alan David Blake, which suits him to a tee.  How does it sound?  Mrs Maureen Blake?  Still M.B.!!

It is going to be a long seven months until he comes home and gets his demob.

I was hoping and hoping that Derek would come about the television while I was out tonight, just to show him I can do without him.  But the so-and-so had to come about 4.45, just before I got in from work.  I can’t make up my mind whether that was to avoid me or because he had to mend Auntie Em’s ‘gram tonight.

Anyway, D’s due to arrive at 11.30 tomorrow to take the valves etc. to be tested.  I bet he comes to put them back while Alan is here.  That is going to be mightily awkward.

Maureen's Diary The beginning: 1st - 9th January 1961

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