4th January 1961


Went to the Palais with Carol and Jane.  Discovered Jane works at the Bank as well, in Div Prep.  Danced with this blond chap almost as soon as we got there, which I thought was rather good as I danced before the other two.  Then I was dancing with a Hull University Student.  He was a laugh and we were gassing for ages.

For three different sessions I danced with the blond boy and then after a bit of hesitating he asked to take me home.  His name is Alan and he lives at East Ham.  When he works he works at the Stock Exchange but at the moment he is doing his National Service in the R.A.F. and is home on leave from Cyprus for Christmas -which explains the suntan in January.  We talked non-stop on the bus journey home.

He is coming round for me on Friday night and we are going back to his place.  He is rather a darling.  Well-spoken, tall, obviously educated and laughs at the same things I do. Wait ‘til I see Carol at work tomorrow.

Maureen's Diary The beginning: 1st - 9th January 1961

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