18th April 1961

April 18th 1961


Salutations oh Great Master of the …..?’

            That’s as original as they come!

Now, this will really have to be shorter than usual cos I’m trying so hard to be a good girl and go to bed early.  Well, actually I didn’t get there until 1 o’clock last night and I’m dead tired.  Let’s just give the old brain a few more seconds to tick over and I’ll be well away.

Y’know our two rooms downstairs are divided by double doors?  Well, no longer!  After years and years – well, one year anyway, of discussion the doors have finally found their way up into the loft and curtains are hanging there.  I didn’t like the idea from the beginning.  I was about the only one who used the front room anyway.

It was convenient to invite anyone round to play records and disappear behind closed doors.  Now there’s no privacy at all.  I mean one can’t entertain men friends in one’s bedroom.  Can one?  Well, while the parents are in anyway.

I must tell you the latest bit of scandal at work.  Well, it’s not scandal.  Everyone is pretty choked.  One of our little crowd has been going out with this Australian boy for two years.  He came over here three years ago for a five year course of something or other – y’know, training for a career.  Well, he went round to her house last night, Monday to tell her that his father had died over the weekend and he is flying back to Australia for good, tomorrow, Wednesday.  His parents own a farm out there and as he is the eldest son he’s got to go back and take over.  He is chucking his career and three years work just like that, to take up farming.  Seems a bit hard, doesn’t it?

The poor girl though.  I found myself playing auntie Maureen and the ‘cry on my shoulder’ role when she was telling me.  She’s dead choked.  I don’t blame her.  I thought seven months was bad enough, but for good!  Wow!

We went dancing Saturday night to that club place.  It was jolly good.  Terribly chic and all that, with dimmed lights and a good band. Did I tell you that I have taken up drinking gin and limes?  I never tried it before a couple of weeks ago, but it’s jolly nice.

We’ve had a serious clearing out session this evening.  Mum decided that Lena would need somewhere to put her clothes when she comes so we’ve got to find some space.  The junk that has been hoarded you would never believe.  Most of it is because in my younger days mum used to put away the clothes I had grown out of for Jennifer.  But Jennifer, who definitely has a will of her own, has refused to wear most of them as they were out of date by the time they fitted her.  For some reason they had been stuffed back in the drawers.       This evening the lot came out and were chucked.  The rag man’s gonna have a field day when he next comes round.  Trouble is, Mum’s started eyeing the clothes I don’t like and never wear, but I’m blowed if I’m gonna get rid of them.  (Famous last words.)

We’re going to the Rag Ball at the ‘Tec next Saturday.  Sounds good.  I’ve got my cheong-sam all lined up and ready to wear.  A coincidence really cos we’re gonna see ‘The world of Suzie Wong’ tomorrow.  Wonder if it is as good as the book.

That will have to be about it for now.  Short and Sweet.  It’s getting a hard job to keep my eyes open.

Lots of love


Letters from Maureen Week 16: 18th - 23rd April 1961

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