19th March 1961

March 19th 1961


Hello darling,

The family have just gone out and I’m well supplied with cigarettes so I’m sitting down to a nice peaceful evening alone.

Thought for today:  if love is blind how do you account for the cosmetic industry.

I haven’t really got much to write about as nothing much has happened since I last wrote.  My aunt (unfortunate mother of Terry) came over yesterday afternoon and asked me to turn hairdresser again.  I think she’s got a thing about hairdressers, she never goes to them, she comes to me instead.

I’ve got loads of things I should be doing tonight but I don’t suppose I’ll ever get around to them.  I feel too lazy, as usual.  I’ve got to wash my hair.  That’s something I must do tonight but I’ll have to get the washing-up out of the sink first which is a blasted nuisance.

Have you heard Matt Monro’s ‘My Kind of Girl’ yet?  I think it’s smashing.  It’s the best song I’ve heard for a long time.  I only thought of it cos they’re playing it on the steam radio at the moment.

I’ve borrowed the book ‘Can this be Love’ from Pat over the weekend.  It’s as crackers as the first one.  That’s where the whatsit about the cosmetic industry comes from.  I think I will try your way out and copy a few bits out.  Damn, Jennifer has taken it out with her.  I’ll have to see what I remember:  There is nothing like ad libbing to keep the brain active.



“the first thing the L-plate lover will want to know about love is whether he has really got it.  It would never do for us to go around claiming we were in love when in fact we were only sickening for a slipped disc.  It affects our citizens in strange ways and that’s for certain.  The tendency is for the bona fide lover to display the following tendencies:

ILLUMINATION:  Tendency to stand half the night under her window waiting for the bedroom light to go on.

MORTIFICATION:  Tendency to reproach yourself for not being fit to touch the hem of her garment.

LACERATION:  Tendency to have a scratched face owing to having tried.

LEVITATION:  Tendency to walk on air.

ELEVATION:   Tendency to throw yourself down a lift shaft.

TRANSFORMATION;   Tendency to wear a clean shirt every day.

PRESERVATION;   Tendency to leave unwashed the hand that held her hand the night before.

MOBILISATION;   Tendency to join the Foreign Legion.

OPERATION;   Tendency to go to the opera

CO-OPERATION;   Tendency to take her with you.

PEREGRINATION   Tendency to get pickled.

RESIGNATION;   Tendency to get the sack.

RAMIFICATION;   Tendency to look sheepish.

PUNCTUATION;  Tendency to come to a full stop in the middle of Epping Forest.




It’s no good.  I’m just not with it tonight.  I had better get on with the washing up and the washing of my golden locks.  Laugh, Laugh.

I wish you were home Alan darling.  It’s just awful knowing I’ve got to wait such a long time before I see you again.  It’s odd really, last year I hardly spent an evening indoors but I can’t think where I went, so here I stay just longing and longing for August when I can be with you again.

Lots and lots of love dear,

From your Maureen


Letters from Maureen Week 11: 15th - 19th March 1961

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