1st February 1961

February 1st 1961

My darling Alan,

I was so pleased to get your letter today.  I have been worrying because I haven’t heard from you for a week.  I knew you were going skiing last weekend and I have been imagining all the terrible things that might have happened to you.  I was being silly I know, but it really brought home to me how awful life would be if I never saw you again.  Oh, my darling, please take care of yourself, for me!

Talking about accidents, (don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you about my operation, because I haven’t had one.)  I excelled myself in being clumsy last week.  Amongst other things, I mistook my fingers for a lump of cheese and cut that (my finger not the cheese).  I’ll have to try using a cheese knife in future and not a carving knife.  Last Thursday dad got around to mending the chair that has been on the verge of dismantling itself for ages.  He had a huge vice holding it together.  I kept thinking that someone was going to fall over it if they weren’t careful.  Of course, Maureen was the someone.  Last night I had a fight with the door and the door won and I’ve got scabs to prove it!

I must tell you about the latest bit of excitement in the house.  I don’t know whether to be pleased or sorry about it.  I’ll explain from the beginning.  Y’know I’ve got a Swedish penfriend don’t you?  (well, you should if you don’t, because I have told you.)  This time last year I invited her to come and stay with us in the summer.  She couldn’t manage it last year as I had to have my holidays in September.  When she told me this I said, well maybe she could come this year.  I got a letter yesterday, she can come this year.  She said she has got to get her plane ticket etc arranged soon and she wanted to know whether it was still alright with me.  We have often mentioned it in our letters over the past year. I wrote back last night and told her when I’ve got my holidays and said that the best day to arrive will be Thursday 10th August.  Trouble is, I have always said that all she will need is her plane fare over here and of course her spending money.  Now I have arranged with my friend to go to the holiday came from 12th to19th, so we will have to take her with us. That means I am gonna need £30 clear to pay for our board and lodging that week.  I sure hope my dad is feeling rich, I’ll have to go on the borrow.  What is such a nuisance is that she will be around my second week as well and if you’re gonna be home it’ll be a bit of a bind to say the least.  Still, it should be a laugh showing her around London.  She’s about 19 or 20 and very pretty indeed if her photos are anything to go by. (Maybe it’s a good thing you don’t get demobbed til 26th August).

I was discussing with mum about where she would sleep.  When dad came home he was greeted with ‘you don’t mind sleeping on a camp bed, do you?’  He didn’t have much choice.  Jennifer is going in with mum.  Dad is going downstairs on a camp bed and Lena is having Jennifer’s bed.  Bit of a squash but I haven’t been turned out of my bed so why should I worry!

I keep taking my holidays as fixed but actually we haven’t heard anything definite yet.  I sent the booking forms and deposits off ten days ago and I haven’t had an answer.  I hope that’s a good sign cos February is a bit late to try to book anywhere else.  It doesn’t seem possible does it?  February already!  There is March, April, May, June, July and some of August to go through now.  (I listed them in case they didn’t teach you that at school).

Now that, I think, is a very good lead up to the third degree.  What school did you go to?  I know you have told me but I keep getting you mixed up with (I might as well say it…) some other chap who I was dancing with that Wednesday – only so far as schools are concerned.

I always used to say that if someone asked me out again when I felt a mess, he must be the one.  And, y’know, I was perfectly right.  It was more or less a snap decision to go dancing with Carol and Jane that night (4th January – it’s our anniversary next Saturday.) and so I hadn’t had time for all the preparations that have to be got through when I decide to go dancing.  It makes me shudder to think how near I was to staying home that night.  But if I hadn’t met you then, I bet I would have met you when you got home, cos I think we were meant to meet, don’t you?

We had a shocking storm here last night.  It really pelted down and there was a terrific wind.  Every few minutes dad kept looking out of the window to see if his greenhouse was still there.  He built it himself and only its own weight is keeping it on the ground.

That is about all for this session darling.  Don’t forget, look after yourself because I need you so much!

Your ever loving


Letters from Maureen Week 4: 31st January - 5th February 1961

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