18th January 1961

January 18th 1961



Your letter was waiting for me when I got home from work tonight.  I liked it better than the first one cos it sounded more like you.

We had quite some excitement at work today. We had to fill in a funny little form giving our first, second and third choices of holidays – that was ages ago now. This morning a few girls were called in to see the principal and were told that they can’t have their choice.  May and October were all that was left. Then this afternoon the rest of us were given our forms back with the fortnight we can have marked off.  What these other girls had done was only fill in their first choice.  Then, when they couldn’t have that, only May and October were left.

One girl burst into tears because she had already booked her holiday and would lose her £5 deposit.  But what seemed a bit much was that she has worked at the Bank for 3 years and a girl who has been in 6 months has got August.  In the end she went in to see the principal and kicked up such a stink that she got exactly what she wanted.  I have never seen anyone look so surprised.

I’ve got 12th August to 26th August.  I was ever so disappointed cos they open your cage on the 26th, don’t they?  Still, at least you’ll be in England when I am on holiday.  Will you have any leave to come then? Or will you be camped out in the wilds still?  Did I tell you 4 of us planned to go on holiday?  Well, we can’t now cos two of them can only have the last week in August and first in September.  So there are only 2 of us going.

I am sitting next to two girls at work who got married last year. All they talk about all day is the washing and ironing. It sounds awful.  Please Alan dear, can we have a maid? and you might as well add a butler and a cook.  I think you are gonna need the cook.  I can’t even boil an egg.  I can toast cheese sandwiches though, so you’ll have to get to like them.  Wait a minute!  I’ve just remembered, you can make good toast, can’t you?  We’ll have to get a paraffin stove and a supply of iron coathangers.

I’ve just worked it out, we’ve got at least 17 homes to visit.  That is only counting eight for your lot.  My dad’s got 3 brothers and mum’s got 3 brothers and 2 sisters and then there is……….or shall we cross those bridges when we come to them?

Ignore that bit in my last letter about whether to pack up evening classes or not.  I was talking to dad about it last night and he said if I thought I wasn’t getting anywhere after three and a bit years, it was a waste of time.  That was all I needed.  This is ‘The End’.  I’ve still got a bit of a guilty conscience about it all but that should wear off in time.  It’s gonna seem funny not having anything I can skip, after 3 years.

Jennifer explained tonight why she likes to get to school early in the morning, ‘cos, if you’re there first they can’t talk about you.’ Maybe I ought to get to work a bit earlier perhaps I am missing something.  I was late again this morning.  It’s your fault y’know.  I spend so much time thinking about you and writing to you that I haven’t been to bed before 12 since you left and I can’t get up in the mornings.

All my love forever,


Letters from Maureen Week 2: 16th - 21st January 1961

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